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English Literature

What I really believe? ... well, I believe that what comes from below does not reach me and we have to live life as we are young, in as we can. Has nothing better in life than hanging out with friends, go watch a movie, go out to eat a snack, do a sleepover, anything, because friends are the family we choose them, they are those that when you are with problems in the middle of the night you can call that they're going to meet you and hear you.

We can have good friends, many of them, but will always have one that will be jealous of you and wishing you the worst and in fact I feel sorry for those people who are like that, because they waste time wishing evil to the people and thus she never will have time to have real friendships, have no time to build a trusting relationship with anyone. And I'll never let these people trying to do everything to end friendships other by pure envy distract me. Do not have why spend time with people who only want to see you bad

I also believe that what kills us makes us stronger, like ... everything in our lives has a reason, at least I believe it, and even though things of life put us down we always have to raise your head and follow ahead with more force than before and this is certainly a great truth because if the whole world you turn your back and not all believe in you, you must believe in yourself and have the strength to face the world. We all have rands challenges in life and we can not just let these challenges consume us we have to be stronger than them and go over

Believe in yourself above all it is very important also. It is not because you are more chubby or because it is higher than your friends that you have to feel bad. Be you always the same! be diferenter is not being weird or ugly be diferene has its advantages and I believe it would not rife if we were all the same, we have to have our differences so that the world becomes interesting.
Really the most important is the inner beauty. Even if the outer beauty is what we notice first not want a person who is perfect beauty on our side and low in intelligence.

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