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"The Stranger" Deep Thoughts Response

Existence is absurd and true meaning in life is impossible:

Everyone has a different view on the true meaning of life. Some believe it is most important to be happy, while others believe career matters most, some view money as a sign of success, etc. And while there is no definitive answer, there is truth behind the belief that there is meaning behind the lives of each and every individual. Each person is different, with diverse and unique talents, personality traits, beliefs, likes and interests, etc. that assist in bringing out a better world for continuing generations. Because, yes, everybody dies, but with the end of each life, a new one begins. And isnít important that the world be safe, accepting, kind, and challenging for the forthcoming generations to continue living in a world of meaning and importance? If there was no meaning to life, people would not care about society, there would be disorder and a lack of harmony everywhere and there would be no importance in the shining of oneís true potential. There is a reason why people are competitive with each other; there is a reason for achievement; there is a reason for the changing of societal and cultural views. That is because life and existence matter. And that right there shows the true meaning of life: that, by the end of a personís life, he or she has contributed in some shape, some form to the world to make it better- not so that he or she is remembered for their own self benefit, but so that someone actually wants to remember that person, to thank them and live in honor of their memory with appreciation to continue this spiral of positive, changing modification and advancements. If not for the (future) children, for the past- the brave, selfless men and women who have stepped out of line, lost their lives, dared for change so that the men and women, girls and boys of the future could have freedom and acceptance and the possibility to act on dreams, or wants, or desires so that today does not look like yesterday and tomorrow does not look like today. So no one should be afraid to think and act and dream and believe and LIVE. Because living the latter ways does not make for an absurd existence, it makes for a purposeful, meaningful life. Yes, existence is fundamentally flawed; there is no perfect human, life, or world; there are hurdles and bumps in the road every day for every person. But what makes these conflicts tolerable is the way the world and peopleís challenges are faced, the way individuals learn from them to better one another and make oneself stronger- not only for his or her self-benefit, but for the benefit of others, the future, and the world as it is known as as it is desired to be known. There is a difference between suffering and struggling- in suffering, defeat is exposed; but in struggling, survival is possible. Living to create a meaning behind oneís life is not absurd, it is possible. That is purpose. That is life. That is existence.

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