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Fighting Back

I agree with the statement ďThe only way to be prepared for peace is to be prepared for warĒ because being prepared to fight if needed is telling others that you wonít be an easy target. The same goes for countries, a country needs to be strong enough to fight for what they believe in and not be intimidated or pushed around by other countries. If a country, just like people, is not able to fight back, others will take advantage of them.

A great example of this is what is happening in North Korea right now. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has constantly made threats to America about bombing them. But, North Korea hasnít followed through on those attacks because America is prepared and ready to fight back if they need too. Not only are they willing to fight back they have an army strong enough that they would defeat North Korea in a war. America doesn't want a war with North Korea but they also understand they need to be ready to fight if they have to.

Another important thing about this statement is that willingness to fight is half the battle, the other half of the fight is creating an image of being able to fight back. Often times an image of strength is the best defense because it takes away attackers and threats altogether. America is one of the best at this because they donít flaunt their military but they make it known that they have one to fight back with if needed. Because of this countries donít want to attack America. The image of being ready to fight back is just as important as the willingness because an image will often prevent a fight in the first place.

Often times in the modern world physically fighting back is not the issue but fighting verbally is. The same solution applies to this problem if one acts confident in themselves and is not afraid to verbally fight back they will not receive very much trouble. This is another time that creating an image will prevent an issue in the first place. If one is prepared to verbally counter they are far less likely to have issues and be attacked.

This idea applies on many levels in all walks of life. If a person portrays the confidence and shows they donít want to be messed with people wonít see them as an easy target and will move on. For instance in adolescence kids will bully and pick on the kids who seem like easy targets. This is because kids and people, in general, would rather have an easy target then one who is more difficult. No one wants to bully the kid who isn't afraid to fight back because they themselves don't want to be attacked.

Being able to fight back will also help with many of issues internally. For instance if a country is strong the citizens will have increased nationalism and wonít live in fear. Same goes for a person being able to fight back. That person will have increased confidence and self esteem which in turn will make one look even stronger.

If one stands up for themselves they will have the peace they want because they will no longer be the easy target. The point of this statement is not to look for a fight but to be willing to defend oneself if it is needed. This is less a statement about war and more one about self respect and be willing to stand up. If one wants peace they donít always have to fight for it but they do have to be willing to.

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