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the chapter ends and another begins.

My name is Krrazy and I am totes new to Shaman. If I have taken a name already in use, or a "faceclaim" or if any way some one feels my character impinges on theirs, please let me know! There was a lot of info to go through in preparation for joining and I think I have it all straight.
If I am missing something however, mods, please don't hesitate to say

Name: Theoden
Biological sex: Male
Skin colour: White (often sun-tanned)
Hair (and beard) colour: Golden-brown
Eye colour: Green
Defects: A crooked, once broken nose.
Your player name: Krrazy
How you found out about us: I was at this Bonfire....

Detailed appearance: Theoden is right at 6' in height and right under 200 in weight.He is a broad shouldered, "viking" of a man. His hair is dark blonde, light brown, falls well past his shoulders and is thick with waves. He most often wears his hair long and braided. Theoden is always bearded, tending to longer in the winter and shorter in the summer. He keeps it well and (mostly) trimmed. He is an imposing man (both in physical size as well as personality). Most would call him, "ruggedly handsome" what with his beard, his once-broken-now-crooked nose, his thicker hair and his tanned, scarred skin.
He is in-shape, toned from long years of physical labor. He dresses in breeches, high boots and whatever shirt is at hand, often with a band of cloth around his waist for holding swords and other such. Is there anything else? Not really...if you think, "bear+viking" you have a good image of how he looks. :)

Personality: Theoden always has a twinkle in his green eyes and is quick to smile. He is quite friendly and most people are drawn in by his openness. Theo is quite undiscriminating, he has loved both men and women equally and with great passion. He listens more than he talks and is known for passing on sage advice. He tends to follow the rules, and would rather stay away from the rebels and the law-breakers, trouble-makers, thieves and pirates. He is well-suited to family life, has always wanted children of his own. He is a gentle lover and a fierce, protective, loyal friend to anyone whom he gets to know and care for. Theoden is generous in his talents and (when he has it) with his wealth. He has a steady hand, and is calm under pressure.

Though friendly and open on the surface, he is rather secretive, often having to be provoked into sharing his thoughts and emotions. While he is always smiling, it usually is not indicative of how he is feeling on any given day. Most people, when questioned about Theoden are quick to attest to his friendliness and generosity but when pressed can never seem to recall any details about the man or his past.
Theoden is a perfectionist in his work, and will take the time repeating a task until he has it right. Over the years, this will lead to him being a Blacksmith renowned for his talent.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Theoden does not do well when drunk or...really, even if he is slightly inebriated. He becomes violent-tempered, rough and forceful. He has been known to push people well beyond their comfort levels, and to be lewd, indecent and the like. Simple solution, he does his best not touch alcohol.

Ambitions: To become a master blacksmith! Either with his own shop, or working out of the castle. He wants to make the finest weapons and armor that can be found in Shaman, and he wants to be the go-to man for getting repairs. He is willing to train and work his way to this level!

Age: ~25
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bisexual and open
Religion: TBD
He was born in Shaman near the Kingswood. His family settled there many generations ago and were known for to the local population for two reasons. One, they ran a rowdy inn called the "Shrieking Siren." And the kept the best herd of work horses to be found in the region. The family enjoyed their notoriety, never lacked for money and were always in business one way or another. Theoden did not mind the life but he found himself wanting more. He envied court fairies, living around the the busy center of Shaman in the castle.

As a young lad, Theoden would spend his free time, practicing with a wooden sword. Though his family had always served in times of war, there was no one in the current generation who could teach him swordsmanship. Still, because of the popularity of the inn, there were always men and woman who were willing to pass on advice to an eager listener.

Unfortunately, his father died around Theoden's 15th birthday. The rumor was poison, from a farmer who was upset over a bad horse deal, as rumors go, nothing came of it and life went on. Theoden, as the eldest, shouldered the burden of caring for the family's herd and keeping the inn into his early 20s. During those years, he began to learn the art of blacksmithing from a local farrier. It was not quite an apprenticeship, and Theoden did not have much time to learn but gain, he was an eager student and would often spend later hours at the farrier's forger, learning what he could of the ancient art.

Theoden had dreams of being a great warrior, of saving buxom princess from dirty rascals. He dreams of becoming a Blacksmith, known for his works throughout Shaman. Holding these dreams close, Theoden bided his time and kept as busy as he could. Then, when his younger brother was finally of age and could take over the business, Theoden left him to it. He packed his few belongings, and took off on foot for whatever adventure awaited him.

There are dark rumors that float around him, ever since his father's death, but those are stories that, if ever revealed, would be best told in the dark of night.

Anything else you wish to include: Coin redemption! Please, a totally awesome familiar! A larger than average Scandinavian reindeer named, Yggdrasil. Reindeer are known for their "knee-clicks", Ygg will not have this trait.

+ + + + + + + + + and i came upon the strangest creature... SAMPLE POST/CHARACTER EXPLORATION!

It was hard to say if his feet were more or less sore than his back. Theoden felt they came in about evenly. He had been on foot for three days now, making his way toward the King's castle. While he was a strapping young man of 25, the steady pace was starting to wear on him. He had not stopped to rest expect for quick, nervous naps during the short summer nights. The walking, the hard ground and the restless sleep were not ideal.

Yet, Theoden was content and driven by dreams and fantasy. Long had he been stuck in a small town by the Kingswood, tending horses and keeping up his family's inn. Now, he finally had the chance to escape and the call of the open road kept him moving. He shook the kinks out of his arms and paused to stretch, looking around as twisted left, right.

It was a hot summer day, still and dry. There had been a breeze the first day of travel, when he had been closer to the "The Royals", or the three tributaries of the River Twinge. Now, he was passing through farmlands. The high road he walked along was surrounded by waving oceans of golden, summer harvest.

Feeling a bit better, he shaded his eyes and glanced up at the sky. The sun was beginning to descend behind the mountain range in the West, and Theoden was relieved at least that it would be cooler that night. He began to walk again, hoping to spot a barn out among the wheat where he could pass a more comfortable night.

As the sun gasped its last breath, Theoden finally came in to some luck. In the distance, off to his left, he could see the peeling red paint of an old hay barn. With a hearty chuckle he turned toward it, crossed the fields and soon was standing in front of the shadowy open doors. He peered in, furrowing his brow to make out what he could in the dim evening light. Then, a low voice came out of nowhere.

"Hello, I've been looking for you."

His heart leaped into his throat and Theoden jumped back away from the barn doors, scrambling away from the sudden strangeness. Out from the darkness of the barn, into the fading twilight came a creature, the like of which he had never seen, it was as a horse but with a mighty rack of antlers 3 feet across. On second thought, it almost looked like the elk his family often illegally poached from the Kingswood. Yet, as different as the animal looked, it was also as familiar to him as the back of his hand.

That this creature had spoken to him, suddenly was not so surprising and slowly, as his heart sank back to its proper place, Theo found that maybe he too had been searching for this animal as well. Without explanation he reached out to stroke the gray, furry head of the animal. In turn the animal--no, it was a reindeer--pressed its face gently into his hand. They held contact for what seemed an eternity and then Theoden broke out into the widest smile of his life.

"Yggdrasil!" He called the animal's true name with a sudden certainty.

The reindeer returned the smile and that was how Theoden came to know his familiar.


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