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Update: Big Bass Showdown $1000

I have been working with Tim and several other local bass club officers to try and work out any bugs in our format and rules. The format is a standard 5 fish open tournament with prizes for the 3 largest combined weights. There is an additional prize for the largest single fish weighed in. Our starting time is 7:30 am. and weigh-in is 4:00p.m. We will have a 50/50 raffle and some items to give away at the weigh in. The rules are a copy of bass chasers rules(thanks tim) with the exception of a few modifications. You must register at OCEANS EAST TACKLE SHOP (5785 Northampton Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23455). The entry fee is $40 (CASH). This will be a family oriented atmosphere. Any issues or complaints should be brought to the attention of a tournament official and we will work to resolve the issue. We hope everyone has a good time and if all goes well we would like to hold more open tournaments with larger guaranteed payouts $$$. If anyone has any questions send me an email at Here are the details for the tournament:

1st Annual
Big Bass Showdown
Presented by: Oceans East Tackle Shop
March 28, 2015
Guaranteed pay out
Payout: (5 fish combined weight)
1st prize: $500
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $200
Big Fish: (Single largest fish) $200 OE Gift Card
50/50 Raffle
Location: Lake Smith/Little Creek Reservoir
5381 Shell Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Date: Saturday March 28, 2015
Registration: $40 per boat (max 2 anglers)
• Registration forms located at Oceans East Tackle Shop
• Must be registered before launch
Launch: 7:30a.m.
Weigh-in: Begins at 4:00 p.m.
*Boat must be in the launch area by 4:00p.m. , A penalty of 1lb. per minute late will be applied

1. Each tournament boat MUST use a live well / aerator system of some kind. No stringers or ice chests without bubblers allowed !!! Tournament officials will resolve any conflicts. All fish will be brought to the scale in a weigh in bag. No nets, buckets or just walking up with fish in hand will be allowed. If you don't care about your fish enough to handle him/her properly then you will be disqualified.
2.There will be a 4 oz deduction for each dead fish. A dead fish is defined as one unable to right itself and swim away upon release. This deduction also applies to the big fish.
3.No live bait may be used or possessed! All fish must be caught on artificial lures. No trolling is allowed.
4. No more than 2 persons per boat.
5.Largemouth bass only will be weighed in.
6. 5 fish per boat limit (Open Tournaments). The fish must be at least 12 inches minimum to keep. No boat will posses more than 5 fish in their livewell during Open Tournaments.
7.Bass will be measured on a golden rule tournament board, closed mouth to the tip of the tail, with the tail lobes pressed together or you may sweep the tail.
8.Horsepower restrictions will apply on Norfolk and Portsmouth owned bodies of water. Refer to the city's appropriate web site for HP restrictions. For tournaments held on bodies of water with no HP limits, there will be no horsepower restrictions.
9.All fishing must be done from inside your boat. Sorry, no bank fishing.
10. You must have a current city of Norfolk or Portsmouth yearly or daily for those reservoirs.
11. There will be no pre-fishing on the lake chosen the day of the tournament.
12. In the event that no team brings a fish to the scales, all money will be refunded at the conclusion of the tournament for those anglers that finish the tournament.
13. No fishing within 25 yards of another boat w/o their consent. If you desire to fish the same bank as someone else you may fish behind them if they were on the bank first.
14.Reckless boat operation is grounds for disqualification.
15.All fish to be weighed in must be brought to the scales in a weigh-in bag or portable live well. Do not bring fish to the scales in a net or by hand.
16.Any attempt to weigh in a fish of less than legal size will result in a loss of the undersize fish and also entrant’s largest fish.
17.Except for an emergency, entrants may not board boats other than their own until completion of the weigh-ins.
18.Any violation of the tournament rules, lake rules, Virginia fishing regulations, “Federal Requirements & Safety Tips for Recreational Boats”, “Virginia Boater’s Quick Reference Guide”, or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a disqualification. Tournament officials will resolve any conflicts.
19.Entrants not back to the weigh-in site by the tournament finish time on the Director's watch will be penalized 4 oz per minute late. Entrants more than 10 minutes late will be disqualified. Any portion of a minute rounds up to the next minute for penalty determination purposes.
20.In the event of a tie for a total weight prize, the team with the largest single fish will win the tie. In the event of a tie for the big fish award, the teams will split the prize.
21.All fish must be taken by sport fishing methods! Netting, foul hooking, etc... of fish is not permitted. This does not include landing nets used to boat fish taken by legal tournament methods.
22.Anyone leaving before the signal starting the tournament will be disqualified.
23.Boat live well(s) / cooler(s) will be checked prior to the tournament start time and may be checked anytime during the tournament.
24.Any grievances will be made to the tournament officials prior to the weigh-in. The tournament official’s decision is final.
25.NO consuming any alcoholic beverages during the tournament. If you show up to the weigh in smelling like alcohol you will be disqualified. No showing up to fish with a strong odor of alcohol about your person or you will be asked to leave.

Tournament Entry Form:

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Boater: Non-boater:
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