Re(3): Green Poopie and Diarrhea

Thanks tabby called The vet this morning and his Nurse said the same I have switched them back and am hoping it helps They seem to be doing some better
Thanks for the Advice!
...... But Umm YOU wouldn't By any chance have tips on Keeping The dog from Sitting on them shes a twenty Pound Min-Pin Shi-Tzu cross and Rainy weighs only Five pounds(the Vet says she's small for her age 10 mo) and the others about four They all love Dolly to pieces but hate being sat on Dawn the smallest got in her kennel where she sleeps at night and some times during the day for a cuddle But Dolly not realizing she was their went in and sat on her causing Dawn to scream and our ten year old Dolly to Hurt her hip as she Jumped off her no one was seriously hurt but any suggestions would be nice they Love each other a lot and Dawn And Rainy both kept checking on Dolly all day afterward.
Thanks for your time,
Mommy Am


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