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Boat Ramp Accessibility

Our Club President (Peninsula Anglers) went out to the South Side and here is what he observed...

Bass Jons...Lake Prince...looks great and the ramp looks like it's in great shape. Some of the coves are frozen, but the lake is fishable for the most part.

Bass Chasers...Western Branch...looks great, no issues, but like Lake Prince, I am sure that the coves have some ice in them, but may be thawed some after this rain, but who knows.

Lake Meade...looks great from the ramp and flyovers; some snow in the coves I am sure.

Lake Cohoon...looks good with some ice cover in the back of the coves, but that ramp is steep and could get slick. Lot of water flowing over the spillway into Meade.

Burnt Mills...looks great, no issues

It's possible, if Peninsula Anglers cannot fish Beaver Dam, they may relocate to Burnt Mills, but that decision hasn't been made yet. Beaver Dam is looking terrible, as of yesterday afternoon and of the lakes being fished this weekend, Beaver Dam looks the worst. We called Waller Mill Park yesterday and they are not allowing any boats to be launched at their facility at this time due to the lake being covered in snow and the ramp area is also covered up.

Little Creek Reservoir in Toano is having an OPEN event out there, but I would be the wiser and not launch out there. Clubs in that area, Little Creek Anglers, High Voltage and Hampton Roads, do not have tournaments this weekend and may venture off there, but go at your own risk because that ramp is long and steep, which means they will be taking a chance to launch.

I would recommend this to the Trails/Clubs out there fishing on Saturday. Bring some ice melt or something to drop on the ramp in case it ices when the trailers are pulled out of the water. It will be freezing cold in the morning and that little water dropped on the ramp will freeze and turn slick on you. It's not worth losing your truck/trailer so take precautions.



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