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Re(1): 9.9 4stroke

4 stroke outboards 25hp and under should have never happened (IMHO). They are here and the best you can do is follow the same remedies we did as kids with big V8's. Polishing intakes, modified cam shafts, carburetors, etc., and since I don't have one I have never tried to find modifying kits online. 2strokes on the other hand are easy, with Yamahas you can shave the head .040, install Boyesen Power Reeds (which will break up without destroying the engine unlike metal reeds from the manufacturer. I STRONGLY recommend this to all 2 stroke outboard engine users), and still not break the 12 hp lake limits. 15hp carbs, that's another story. The bottom line here is 2 stroke as opposed to 4 stroke, that pretty much says it all. The reason 2 stroke engines are more powerful is it takes a 2 stroke engine half as many revolutions to accomplish the same thing a 4 stroke does, with less moving parts, less weight, they generate way more torque and turn twice as many revolutions with the same hp rating.... that's it. Like the gentleman said in the previous post, if you want more power from a 9.9, sell your 4 stroke and get a 2 stroke... that's just my 2...


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