Re(1): FIDE questions...

I can only answer the first and second questions. I hope my math is right for this.
A sixty-move game could take 15 mins + 10 more mins in increments = 25 minutes per player. That's 50 minutes total, assuming both players use virtually every second of their time. That's pretty reasonable as a rough estimate of how long a "long game" would last, imo. Even if a game went 100 moves, that would only add at most another roughly 13 minutes which is just barely over an hour in total time. Games of 100 moves are quite rare but it could happen.

I would say your round times are reasonable.

I forget the number of FIDE players necessary but you could be quite sure I think that many people with FIDE ratings would be eager to play so that's not a big concern.

I seem to recall that nowadays you need some sort of FIDE accreditation to run tournaments but I don't pay much attention to FIDE regulations.


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