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Looking for...

Ok. I don't remember the title of this fic in the slightest, so I'm going to summarize all I remember and hopefully someone else has a better memory than I.

So. It's a 2-fic series, but the fics are not related in plot, only in premise. It's set post-colonization, I think. Anyways, at the start of the fic, Mulder and Scully have been separated for quite some time. Mulder is being held by CSM as some kind of political prisoner in a really nice castle-like place. He's being well treated, but he's still prisoner. Mulder basically has to agree with CSM's political agenda - as long as he cooperates, he's treated like royalty. Scully wants to get back to him, but the only way she can do that is to disguise herself and apply to be one of Mulder's "servants". Think Handmaid's Tale, here. Now, the catch is that she has to disguise herself as...well...*herself*, since CSM is looking for someone who looks like Scully to basically keep Mulder happy and compliant. So long story short, she gets chosen and eventually makes her way into Mulder's private chambers.
I'm really trying not to put too much detail, lol. Other things I remember is that Mulder is basically an asshole when they are first "reunited" because he thinks that she's just a replacement.

I remember a scene where Mulder "inspects" Scully when she first comes to his chamber to see if it's really her, and he doesn't think it's her. But eventually Scully convinces Mulder that it's really her and they have to communicate in sign language etc. SPOILER - Eventually CSM finds out and I don't remember the end, but it's intense.

The second fic in the series kind of reverses their roles, same deal. Scully is being treated like royalty but she's being held in a cabin that she's not allowed to leave. Mulder tries to find her and when he does, she doesn't remember him at all. Yadda yadda yadda eventually she does remember him.

Does these story elements ring a bell with anyone? Let me know! Thanks


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