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Re(1): Anticipation Guide 1984

Torres Dyer
Ms. Ellen Hope
Bradbury Background
1 April 2015
I believe that in my opinion of the case of question 10 (the only way to prepare for peace is to be pre pared for war) is that it is true.
Without being prepared it is an invitation for invaders from foreign lands to come and take over. The idea that partially guides my decision is that of brinkmanship. Brinkmanship is the tactic of going to the brink of war to ensure peace. While we have weapons it stops the invaders form simply marching in with guns and declaring our land as theirs. As long as we continue to advance in the field of weaponry it enables us to impose a defensive and possibly, often threating, offensive presence to those whom are deemed our enemies. This acts as a shield to our homeland and also helps to ensure a tense but still lasting peace. It is a form of human inevitability that we war.
Human nature cannot easily be overcome even after thousands of years and tens of thousands of wars we still have not learned what taught at the most basic of level is in the modern day preschool. That instead of fighting is much more beneficial to cooperate together. Yet still the whole reason we need a military that we spend untold billions on is the fact that politicians cannot simply work together from all sides of the equation. They who have advance degrees are not able to understand the concept that 4 year olds can grasp. I at this point wonder where all that simpleton knowledge goes and when for that matter. Is it the fault of the school for not integrating and teaching more in this concept, the church for their teachings of separation among the groups such as the labeling of the Sadducees and the Pharisees, where the “chose people” who were in the most favored eyes of their God instructed to war and force others of their ancestral land all because a deity claimed it to be theirs, and then lost that favored status under the weight of their corruption? Does this knowledge get lost at home or is simply the result of what we use an excuse for our faults claiming it a result of the “Human condition.” We can only speculate the answer to this conundrum.
Even today being so advanced and higher than thou claiming to be the land of the free we are trapped within our own minds self-forced to repeat our own mistakes and pointless rituals. Still we need arsenals and men to risk their lives to fight in wars that truly have no meaning and could easily have been avoided. We as a people have to be prepared for war because of our own selfish ways that is mixed in with vengeance, anger and prejudice. Thought it would be much better to simply change our ways it falls within the realm of near inevitability that although we could we won’t change our arrogant ways. I wish to at this point stop the gloominess of this article however true it may be to point out that I may seem to some , probably a lot, as portraying a holier than thou attitude on this subject and that that would be a completely misguided assumption to portray me as. I we without reluctance admit right now that I am bound to these preceding words as you am. However, based on that statement though do not presume that I am merely mistaking my own mental shackles s the entire worlds, for that would be a mistake on your part , maybe even a sub conscious last ditch effort to exclude yourself from this ill-fated and despicable group of people. Even if you succeed in fooling yourself you just added yourself to the deranged group of people as well as made you hopes of changing for the better even grimmer.
Now in conclusion I would like to balance out the foreboding mood of the paper by saying thus. If you realized these things about yourself already great that is the first step to changing. Changing yourself is also entirely possible as it begins with you as long as you don’t let yourself or others hold you back you can change like the direction the wind flows. But in remembrance it take a lot to change the direction of the wind and it is a very gradual change altogether. So now if you figure out what it takes to change, to exclude yourself and truly become what some would say great and others righteous. So that if enough people follow in your footsteps we will have no reason to be prepared for war will now longer be inevitability but impossibility. You will spawn a place where corruption and greed become ancient, unwanted, and extinct in all civilizations, where truth becomes the driving force. Either way greed, truth, war, corruption, good, or evil it all begins with You.


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