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lift me up to the stars

Name: Delphi
Full Name: Delphinium Hecate; she may introduce herself as this on occasion, but I plan to use Delphi in the name section for posts and would like to have her listed as Delphi in the database.
Biological Sex: Female
Skin Color: Brown (Type V)
Hair Color: Naturally black, it has brown highlights from time spent in the sun.
Eye Color: Amber (very light brown)
Defects: Her left eye has extremely reduced vision, she can still see but things further than a foot from her face appear as foggy blurs of shadow and light. The eye itself is not clouded, but if one looks closely they can see that the pupil is perpetually dilated. The vision loss was caused by a severe head trauma, while the dilation was a result of nerve damage from the resultant fever.
Player: Fennic

Detailed Appearance: Delphi stands around five feet, eight inches tall. She has a naturally willowy build, with a modest chest and relatively slim hips; being naturally thin, she has had to work very hard to put muscle on her lean frame, particularly in her upper body, and she continues to exercise regularly to maintain her strength. Because of her extreme dedication to her regimen and her determination to never be a "victim" or "weak", she possess a strength that many find surprising. She has long curly hair (much like Zoe Washburne from Firefly), that she often wears tied back from her face either in a ponytail or braid. Her amber eyes seem to always bear a distrustful expression, and she is extremely watchful and alert; this is a woman who does not trust lightly or with great ease, and in a "kill or be killed" situation plans to come out on top every time. Delphi bears several scars on her face and scalp. Many of the facial scars are relatively small and go largely unnoticed, but there are three long, thin ones that range from her scalp to her cheekbone (bisecting her left eye); the ones on the right and left are shorter and more jagged than the middle one, which is extremely long, deep, and precise. The scars on her scalp, while rather extensive, are typically hidden by her hair, however, there is a thick one across the back of her neck that becomes visible when she puts her hair up. Her hands bear "survivalist marks" - small scars and nicks from various misadventures, small burns from fire starting, etc. - and have thick calluses, particularly on the pads of her fingers; her feet, though often hidden away in sturdy boots when in public, are long, narrow, and equally callused to the point that she can navigate even heavily forested areas in bare feet with ease. Delphi spent much of her early years roaming a large forest and put a lot of focus on building not only her strength, but her stamina and speed, and can move quickly and quietly through most areas.

Personality: Delphi was forged in a difficult time and place where monsters roamed the world and even your fellow humans (the few that remained) were not always almost never worthy of your trust. As such, she is an exceptionally alert, observant, and cautious person. While she prefers to think things through, and often plans her life three or four steps ahead of the present, she does trust her instincts as much as - if not more than - her mind, and is capable of making snap decisions if necessary. She is extremely strong, not only in the physical sense but in the emotional and mental aspects as well, and is extremely disciplined with an almost overwhelming drive to survive no matter what the cost. Though Delphi would say she doesn't need anyone but herself - not even her trusty wolf-dog Bogdan, though she does love him to pieces - she is still grieving for the extremely recent loss of her step-grandmother, who raised her from the time Delphi was just six years old and taught the young girl to survive, and underneath all her bluster and tough-talk, Delphi is actually rather lonely. Delphi does have soft spots, but she's worked hard to hide them underneath her collected exterior; when others manage to poke at them, she has a tendency to get grumpy (she's the kind to do something very nice for you, while muttering under her breath about inconveniencing her and such, even though she doesn't mean it). She does not trust easily, and when she does manage to trust others it is a very tentative bond, meaning that what is hard earned can be easily lost. Delphi does possess quite a temper and may occasionally say or do things she later regrets when she's feeling heated; though she always feels obligated to apologize in these instances, she's not exactly good at that sort of thing and usually prefers to make it up to someone through her actions rather than her words.

Ambitions: Up until she woke in Shaman, the last decade of Delphi's life has been focused entirely on one thing and one thing only: survival at any cost. It will take some time for her to adjust to the Shaman lifestyle, and she'll probably end up hiding out in the woods for a good while until she can reevaluate her situation. She may eventually become interested in becoming a teacher at the Academy, though her methods would likely be seen as rather unorthodox!

Age: At present, Delphi is physically sixteen years old (her sixteenth birthday occurring a month prior to her arrival). Mentally, though, she's quite a lot older and has no desire to involve herself in the typical lifestyle of someone her age.
Gender: Delphi identifies as female.

Sexual Orientation: Unknown. Delphi's knowledge of sex is pretty limited and almost entirely based off of her observations of animals in the wild, resulting in some... interesting opinions and ideas of how that all works. I will say that the person who grabs her attention will need to be someone particularly remarkable, but their biological sex and gender will have little to do with her choice.

Religion: Delphi's step-grandmother (Nan) was a devout follower of the Old Gods, and taught Delphi much of that lore. She may tentatively call out to one of those Gods at times, but this is often done more out of a desire to connect with Nan than anything else. Delphi does believe strongly in thanking the animals and plants she uses to survive for their sacrifices, and often buries any unusable pieces in respectful graves; she also sacrifices something, typically a fine pelt or particularly delicious piece of meat, to the Old Gods at the beginning of spring "just in case".

History: Delphi was born into a world already struggling against the Shadow King's forces; humans were quickly losing the war, and had retreated to heavily guarded (both physically and magically) compounds. One early morning in spring, Nan arrived at Delphi's compound in a flurry. To this day Delphi's not sure what was said, but Nan and Delphi - just six at the time - left a few hours later and retreated to a small cabin high in the mountains. Delphi's parent's compound fell three days later, there were no survivors. Nan trained Delphi as best she could, trying to give her all the skills she would need to survive, and they lived in relative peace for a few years. The Dark Ones eventually reached the mountainside and, though this complicated their otherwise simplistic lifestyle, Nan and Delphi managed to not only survive, but thrive; they managed to find ways to trap and kill the Dark Ones, as well as ways to ward their home. Unfortunately, Nan was attacked just a week before Delphi's arrival at Shaman by something called a Slipper, a creature that slips inside a person's body and essentially eats them from the inside out; until death comes, the body roams the world and behaves much like a zombie. Nan's wards fell a few days later, and Delphi eventually ended up in Shaman through a quirk of fate (and maybe a little help from the Old Gods!).

Anything Else:
I'd like to apply 100pts and the Persuasion ability from my bank to Delphi, and use four of the six coins from this amazing gift for:

Familiar: Delphi's familiar is a pure white wolf-dog with gold (dark yellow) eyes, named Bogdan. Bog takes most after his wolf ancestors in appearance, and bears the marks of a warrior in that he is heavily scarred; his left ear in particular is a tattered mess. He is on the larger size of average for his species. Bog doesn't often speak to outsiders and rarely communicates telepathically with Delphi; he behaves for the most part like an average dog, albeit a very smart one. This should cost 1 coin.

Possession (modified): Delphi has the ability to "ride along" with Bogdan at will; doing so will leave her body unattended, but will allow her to access Bog's senses and thoughts. She may occasionally "snap" control over his body when doing this, but only for extremely limited periods of time (a few seconds max) and only under specific circumstances; ex: Delphi could see something swinging at Bog and force his body to duck or dodge, but only in that snap second. As discussed with Aspie, this costs 1 coin.

Can Breathe Underwater: From Powers Database. 1 coin.

Camouflage: From Powers Database. 1 coin

    • accepted! -

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