ATTENTION: Skan. Town and Village councilors are planning an inefficient PARK next to the Post Office. This will kill 26 needed parking spots. We presented our site plan for free while they paid 30 gs. They blew us off. So now I will make a video about these people.

I read the Planning and Board minutes. I see nothing about this site plan and it's deficiencies. Planning Chairman, Bruce Kenan asks many questions about the other projects but I find nothing about this issue in any minutes. I dropped off questions to him. Lets see what HE SAYS.

1. was there a public hearing on this Park issue? and when?
2. who was there?
3. I see nothing in the minutes from the planning or Board people. Negative declaration was inaccurate. Environmental review was inadequate and not comprehensive. I'll prove it.

4.How many options where submitted?
5. Why the Park concept ( considering parking complaints from neighbors complaining about the off street parking problems - yet they want to kill 26 spaces - WHO THINKS LIKE TRHIS? )

6. Who made the decision for the Park and not parking considering Marty's article about growth...

7. Did they properly and legally advertise the public hearing or did they put a small cheap ad in local papers that are failing to cover this story?

We will post their site plan for zero parking and ours for 26. The rudeness and lack of consideration for working people who need to find parking is one reason for our new mission.

Connie B. from the a Town Board had no interest in hearing any logical second opinions. Why so insecure? I called her arrogant. If you don't like her idea then "tuff". This is my motivation.

Her plan is interior and why would the Planning board and Bruce K approve it?

The Mayor writes in this month's Skaneateles Journal, "Clinton brought attention to Skaneateles and this is good." I/we agree. Next he writes, " "economic phenomenon of businesses and restaurants THAT FLOURISH
in the village AS MORE PEOPLE COME TO VISIT..." ( thanks to adequate parking )
He writes, " day trips to Skaneateles to get something to eat and shop"
Also, " continue to grow " etc etc.,

so why kill 26 parking spots for sport?
Us liberals are funny people.

Guess who I saw parking on the left side of the Post office to go into the Post Office and who is for the PARK and against parking?

Hypocrites. Time to challenge them. God must be shaking his head.

Stay tuned. This will be different.

Joe Blow Vecchio, big liberal


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