Tuesday Matinee draws big turnout as the heat turns Matt Generation 3 into a Superball before rain

A rare Tuesday afternoon 3:30pm performance brought out a large turnout of players including many "A" list flame-throwers for some exciting action at Puryear Park yesterday.

Between the constant fast-paced action, 93 degree sunshine and high humidity, the "Matt Generation 3" ball got so fast that by game 4 the ball had gotten so lively that it had to be replaced with a "cold" Generation 2 ball. The "wimpy" 83' long court and short walls were simply too dangerous for a ball moving well over 110 mph! Everybody was in agreement to change the ball, including players like Anthony, Scott King, Castanos, Mark and Rule.

One more note, the performance was NOT moved to the earlier time because of the expected rain. The rain was not expected to come any more than it does any other day this time of year. The bonus performance was set up by Laca who has Yankee-Ray games all this week to go to at 7pm (there was a performance Monday, and also one set for today and another will be tomorrow)in addition to the other regular performances. The Lightning had a big Game 6 in town last night also.

We got double lucky, as a huge rain storm came rolling in out of the south at 5:40pm that lasted hours and would have indeed wiped out an evening performance.

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