Re(1): Had enough called in the big guns to Help us catch em

3 mph is my target. That's with cranks that will handle that speed. Bomber Model A B02,B04, Bandit 100 series,200 series,and Flickershads in the 5cm and 6 cm.

With the action of the dinks and snags,you may wanna hold off on the planerboards. Dink action was so hot,2 of us can't even handle 2 rods,let alone 3 or more.Now after the coldfront,the dinks are still in a frenzy but it's a 20:1 Dink to keeper ratio.

Just downsize from erie. Half the yardage of line released and keep the cranks as close to the bottom as you can. I've caught them with as little as 32' out. Don't take much line released to catch saugeye.

Time of day doesn't matter. Usually sunrise to 9 my best time.When they're in a frenzy like last weekend,didn't matter what time of day.


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