Can we come to an agreement ?

First, I know I will make some mad, OK apologies and tight lines up front.

Second, my point:

How about we all pledge to stop keeping 16 inch ( and smaller) Saugeye's for purposes of being able to say we "limited" and/or a redundant picture showing all I did it, I really did?

The fish are just now starting to come back after several years of low stocking and increased pressure. Give it another year or three and we will be back to where we were, and/or close because of the increased pressure from Buckeye/GLSM sportsmen.

Many of you don't hunt, but those that do, do you shoot anything you see with horns, and /or shoot 5 does a year? I doubt most that are not in need to feed their family actually do.

Remember 5,10,15 even 20 years ago and the quality of the eyes? I do, and I would like to get it back.

Everyone should be able to take fish, and if they are legal, the're legal,,, and I get that. For those of us that fish the lake often/hard,( you know who you are ) let's pledge to let em' go and let em' grow by putting an 18or 20 inch minimum on our "keepers", and only when we have less than several meals in the freezer.

If you release them, they will come ( back )

Good Luck to all!

P.S. I wonder if the ODNR knows the OH numbers of those boats that can openly be seen violating via multiple trips per day?


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