Sleepy kitten

Dear tabby I live in rural northern Missouri have a couple out door cats Elf-kin is Approx 4mo.s old and this after noon he fell asleep on the ramp in front of the door in a nice shaft of sunlight a change from the rain and thunderstorms we've been having while the rest of his siblings Oreo and kibbler Went Running when I opened the main door he still laied their I got concernbed said his name he was visably breathing but didnt even move except a twitch when the screen door brushed his ear And Affter I put my hand on his side said his name again he blinked and yawned and got up to get some of the food I was putting out then went about his normal kitty business beating up his sister a tuxedo named Oreo is this normal he's never done this before in-front of the door like that should i be worried i have an indoor cat who just had 5 kittens and i don't always remember to wash before petting Momma kitty


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