Re(1): Can we come to an agreement ?

I would also love to see the lake return its glory as it was in the 1990s. I would love to see a slot limit as the big fish (perhaps 24" and bigger) should also be protected. I know they dont reporoduce but they are way too much fun to catch only once. I think for people that drive from far away or only get to fish a handful of times a year (such as myself) keeping a few limits of fish is ok. People that continually stuff their freezers and then after their freezers are full , keep more limits to give away while feeding their egos is a problem.You dont have to keep fish every time... Like you said , most of us ae not starving so theres no need to be greedy and stuff your freezer even though its legal. Just because its legal, doesnt make it right or good for the lakes future.


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