Re(1): Top 10 Trolling Tips

10a. When switching to slightly deeper divers,angle your rod up to be able to get a few more yards released.Don't be afraid to point the rod straight vertical. Less snags as well as a good changeup for a slow bite.

11. When you nail a saugeye,waypoint it.Especially a double.Pound that spot and hit it from all directions. If you pull out several from 1 spot then the bite dies down,remember that waypoint!There's sometimes more at that spot. Hit it 30-60 minutes later can yield you a few more eyes. When the bite stops,it looks like the saugeye moved so most people move to other spots. Saugeye sit on the bottom.Give them a little time and they'll bite again at those hot waypoints. If you can locate 2 of those hot waypoints,you're into a nice mess of saugeye.
12. If you have room for an extra rod,run it down the propwash,rod tip straight vertical.Cranks won't dive as deep so you'll be able to go with a slightly deeper diver,same amount of yardage released, and give the saugeye a different presentation.Saugeye are drawn to propwash and that crank will do lots of crazy stuff in the propwash..

13. Don't be afraid of too much boat/pleasurecraft traffic. Some of my largest saugeye have come out of their boat wakes.It actually draws them.


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