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been out in the wild; application.

____& Buddy

For the database:
Name: Caldera
Sex: Female
Heritage: Unknown
Children: -
Familiar: Dark Lightning (male Dark Lightning Aja)*
Level: Points: TBC (see sample)
Ren: -
Defects: -
Powers: Enhanced Durability**
Traits: Split Monkey Tail; Retractable Claws; Red Eyes**
Status: Alive
Player: Aspelta

* = using 1x familiar token for this
** = total 4 coins from my bank

Full application:
Name: Caldera (“Cal”)
Biological sex: Female
Skin colour: Earthy brown
Hair colour: Vibrant red
Eye colour:Red
Defects: none
Traits: Split monkey tail; retractable claws instead of fingernails; red eyes (3 coins from my bank)
Powers: Enhanced Durability (1 coin from my bank)
Player: Aspelta

Species before turning fairy: ker, from planet Xara. Ker…
• All have monkey-like tails. About 70% of the population have split tails, and the rest have just a single tail. (Single tails are like left-handedness; not a disability or shunned, but can be the butt of cultural jokes.)
• Have retractable claws instead of fingernails.
• Are adept at climbing.
• Have enhanced durability: they are harder to hurt/kill than humans/fairies, and have a higher pain threshold.
• Have elongated lifespans. Average lifespan: 177 years.
• Child: 0 – 14 years. (No concept of adolescence; children become adults at 15). Adult: 15 – 150 years. Elder: 150+ years.
• Not as naturally magical as fairies. About half the population have no magical powers. The rest only have 1-2. Ker with 3 powers are rare and highly valued in society. No ker has ever been known to have more than 3 powers.
• Are born with their magic and have little concept of attaining or losing it. The only way to gain magic yourself is to have it bestowed upon you by a deity. Otherwise, magic-seeking ker tend to look for powerful aja to bond with.
• Having magic is strongly correlated with the higher classes, although it’s not clear why this is.

Ethnicity: Volcanic
Age: 25 years.
Gender: cisgender female.
Sexual orientation: Definitely fancies men, but not so tightly confined to labels. Probably bisexual.

Detailed appearance: Vibrant red hair mid-length and straight, usually scooped back in a ponytail; earthy-coloured brown skin; slanted eyes and a pointed chin with elfish ears; lithe, strong body; average height; split brown tail

Background & Personality: Cal’s father was traditional working class but her mother was aspiring middle, and pushed Cal for more. It’s uncommon for working class volcanic ker to have polysyllabic names – a polysyllabic name is usually a sign of higher class/wealth. Cal hated her name because it made her stand out amongst her working class friends, and she insists on being known by her nickname. She protested against the higher class education her mother strived to put her through but ultimately benefited from it, and landed herself a middle class job as a rookie police officer. She quickly became well-known and respected on the force (not least because of Buddy), but is also known to be spontaneous, instinctive, and disinclined to follow the rules. She’s always being pulled up for not following orders. She is honest, very morally righteous and adventurous.

She was protected for some time on the force by her manager, who liked her. Unfortunately for Cal, she got too deep into a case that the government didn’t want her to touch, and she got forcibly drafted into the Alliance as part of a ‘multi-world’ initiative. She got to stay on Xara, but was pretty much saddled to a desk. Bored out of her mind by this predicament, Cal had mixed feelings when she was eventually called for active duty and stationed on Shaman.

Like half the ker population, Cal has no magical powers of her own (Enhanced Durability not considered to be a power on Xara, since all ker have it).

Religion: Polytheistic – follows fairy gods. The preferred deities of Volcanic ker are Rhaegar and Allianah. Cal prefers Allianah of those two, and also values the preferred deities of the Desert ker, Kiya and Mallos. She’s never met any of these deities and might change her mind if she did.

Ker have their own version of familiars, called aja. All aja are horseoid in form, and there are 30 or so elemental types. They live in the wild unless bonded. Ker can bond with an aja when they come of age (15), and traditionally have to quest in the wilderness to find an aja who is prepared to bond with them. All aja are sentient, but they only speak when bonded. Some are rarer than others, and rarer ones are usually more highly valued. Unlike fairy familiars, aja exist in the wild without bonding; agree to bond with ker; can die; and can have their bonds broken or reject their bonds later, although this is rare. Unlike ker, aja follow the traditional pagan religion of the planet, which fairy polytheism supplanted.

Name: Dark Lightning (“Buddy”)
Element: Dark Lightning (not uncommon for aja to be named for their element, especially rare aja)
Gender: male/stallion
Rarity: rare, but not legendary. Buddy is the only bonded Dark Lightning aja in the volcanic kingdom, although it is believed there are some unbonded ones on the Black Market
Associated powers: can melt into shadows and travel through them, so theoretically can appear wherever there is a shadow (although further distance drains his energy); lightning speed; electrical manipulation; can generate thunderstorms. Not carrying any of these powers over into Shaman.
Appearance: jet black all over with electric blue stripes – like a zebra, but spread further apart and more jagged. Black mane + tail with blue streaks; tail mid-length, mane short and spiky. Blue eyes. Body crackles with electricity. (Think zapstrika.)
Religion: Traditional pagan religion of Xara (different religion to Cal’s)
Personality: Buddy is Cal’s equal, and her partner in crime. He’s proud of the role he has in helping to round up criminals, and especially proud of his magic. He likes scaring people by causing thunder and enjoys the respect and adoration he receives as a rare aja. Buddy will have to adjust to not being the main wielder of magic in Shaman, and will have to teach Cal how to handle magic. Like Cal, he is adventurous and moral.

Buddy’s personality is well-matched to Cal’s, although they can argue – particularly about grooming (Buddy likes it and Cal doesn’t see the point), religion, and sometimes the best way to proceed. Both Buddy and Cal are stubborn, and neither like to concede, even to the other.

photo by Rodolfo Azraiza G


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