Re(4): Nosy neighbors

Would Bruce make a mall with the parking lot 3 blocks away?

The two architects who are for the park don't have their parking lots 3 blocks from their offices. Are those SUVs I see ???

Where are the minutes from the Planning Board/Village Board about the park/parking issue?

Is the Park really an asset to the community as Bruce said at the last Village meeting? Why was no one in the audience that could question his "standards "?

The people who advocate this park all use the same rhetoric. Like ISIS's propaganda, they regurgitate the same old words, they say, " we are not losing parking we are gaining 5. Explain this new math. The parking to the north of the Village Office is for future growth. Why make people walk 3 blocks when they themselves would walk 3 blocks. Alsothey say, "we are putting parking next to SAVES 3 blocks away so the PARK idea is justified." And that the parking lot now is dangerous. Yet no reports of accident.

Yet doesn't their design, their urban philosophy, have the big truck delivering mail to the Post Office via backing up on an urban street? But this is OKAY? Our design prevents this.

The people in the Post Office don't like the idea... Ask them. Or I guess their opinions don't matter...

Who's sick? Sorry to disagree.

Joe Vecchio 1850 east Lake Rd 673-9565


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