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Fir Chilis is the name given to the dense string of forested land that fills much of Blossom Forest. There are two different populations, depending on where in the land you are. To the north lays the deciduous forest, full of maples, oaks, birches, and beeches. To the south lay a coniferous forest full of pines and firs. No matter where you are, the trees shelter you from the sun and the rain and the snow. Take care not to get lost in the woods however - you may never find your way out. There are other dangerous here too - predators waiting for their own prey. While the land is prosperous they do not pose too much of a threat, but whenever famine or drought hits, they will attack anything... even other Putnar.

Those looking to hunt will find the forests well stocked - there are white-tailed deer, turkeys, red squirrels, chipmunks, mermots, and moose.


The Sharp Dressed Woman with a Chainsaw

I'm meddling with murderers who still deserve to pay for their insanity,

Kanaya had noticed a wave of sadness wash over the brute next to her. Damian did not say anything about her occurrence, but went on to speaking about his own. "I know what it's like to want something like that. My parents were alphas of the pack Spring Grounds when i was a pup and i was the rightful next King." Kanaya had been sorta dense about the King part, only because she thought one of the siblings got it or something. Kan knew better than to assume, but this time she did.

His words began once again, still upset. "My parents were Lanaya and Luce. I wanted to make something of myself and prove to them that I could take the pack back. When i challenged no one greeted me to except. The place was empty. Currently I rule with three wolves by my side. Wait, so he was the Alpha? The ess had rarely heard of Spring Grounds, one of the packs here in Blossom, but standing beside her was a king? Though, Kanaya sort of understood how Damian was feeling about the victory just because no one came. It feels like you didn't deserve it. With only 3 other wolves he rules over, Kan took a guess it wasn't very lively.

The blue-orbed continued once more. "My parents were no where to be found. I still don't know where they are. He paused only slightly, changing his expression. "It gets quite lonely there now. It's not what i remembered it to be so i need to try and restore it." A cheeky smile now laid on his kissers, and Kanaya returned the gracious gesture. Then, she let her maw open and words exit.

"I hope you find your mother and father someday. They'll be proud of you, that you came back and took over the pack. Even if you didn't fight." Kanaya smiled again, softly. But then she chuckled a bit. This was the first time in a while that the she was enjoying herself, especially after the fight she was just indulged in. It had brought her down, as of failing Karkat, but coming up to the cliffs and meeting Damian had to be a blessing. "But I bet it does get lonely! Blossom in general seems to be a bit empty nowadays. There's less pups, and less adults venturing in. But have you seen that family of 9 around? They have 7 new pups. It must be hectic for them." The beauty laughed again, this one a bit louder. A brighter smile decorated her face. Her fangs were stained slightly with blood, but the rest of it she had licked off and enjoyed every taste of it. "Someday I want to have pups. But hopefully not that many in one litter, yowch, that must of been painful."

Kanaya was thinking over what he said again. She knew he was the alpha of Spring Grounds. Ruling over 3 or 4 other wolves. It was lonely. She paused. That was how she felt recently, feeling as if the ess was alone in the world. Her heart had grown cold ever since Karkat had passed, but Damian had seemed to bring it back to life. The brute beside her was dashing, kind and sweet, and very loyal. "Who doesn't feel alone?" She asked, looking into Damian's sapphires once again. "I certainly have. Ever since Karkat died." Kanaya looked away, then up at the sky once again.

and though I'm one of them, I'm rarest of my kind, for many fell but only I arose.

"Look at all the many colors, so exquisitely embroidered," She soothed, cradling the pup in her warm bodice.

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