Dr Phil show coming to Skaneateles and Safford.> Buy tickets now.

Joe, My beautiful wife and I would like to have you on the Dr Phil show for courage and Americanism.

It's obvious you don't need ###### when making love cause you are a real man. Not a wimp.

I also hear your unorthodox, truthful documentary about the poor leadership at the Post Standard by the Publisher, Steve Rogers, John Lammers and Steve Cvengros, content directors, was not allowed to be shown at this years Film fest in SYR... Was it because the SYR.com help sponsor it and that friends help friends...???

I saw your POSTSTANDARD satire at the Skaneateles High School. Well done. It was better than the amateur wrestling video they shown instead. I was bored for 95 min.. Your film was funny and educational. WRESTLING??? Hows that make American's smarter? keep it up.
George Washington and Dr King would be proud. They wait for u in Heaven. Will call and have you on the next show about liberal democrats. You are an expert on their strange behavior. And I, myself, want to learn more.

With love, Dr PHIL.

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