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up High in the Sky

Name: Whimsy

Biological Sex: Female

Skin Color: medium toned European (Type III)

Hair color: dark blonde

Eye Color: hazel


Player Name: Peppermint

How you Found out about us: SongDragon

Appearance: Whimsy is a small wispy creature about 4’10”, who looks as if a stiff breeze could topple her. Her long blonde hair just brushes the top of her hip bones in unruly ringlets of curls. Impish hazel eyes streaked with green stand out on a face with a galaxy of freckles spread across her nose and cheeks.
She often uses bright dyes and face paints, with emerald greens and royal blues being particular favorite colors. Often her hair is braided with feathers and beads.

Personality: Whimsy is a fierce, passionate creature. She can be timid at first but warms up quickly, is loyal to her friends, and generally has a sunny disposition, but quick to temper upon perceived insults or threats. She talks quickly, and can be hard to understand when excited.

Ambitions: To learn as much as possible, and help others where she can. Other than that, she is not very ambitious.

Age: physically about 17,

Religion: Agnostic; there’s probably a God out there somewhere, but doesn’t pay a ton of attention to deities, religions, or prophecies.

History: Sometime not that long ago Whimsy was a Long-tailed Sylph hummingbird. Life was very predictable and normal, quickly flitting about, finding food, and in season finding a successful mate. Then life changed rather rapidly. For one thing, she looked like a two-legger. For another, the world had changed. She isn’t quite sure how she likes it yet. It has been difficult getting used to life as a different kind of being. And controlling this huge, clumsy body has been a bit annoying.

Sample Post:
Whimsy was nervous. She had finally made her way to this stubborn stone building, which stood starkly in contrast with the cloudless freedom offered by the open sky. But Whimsy no longer had wings, and really needed to learn a new role to play in life. She pranced up the stone steps, tripping a bit on the last one. Her unruly hair was braided and coiled on top of her head, with forget-me-nots through the length of it and strands of silver ribbon. Various sizes of dots colored blue, green and silver decorated her face and hands. She wore turquoise leggings, and a white shirt stitched with flowers along the collar. She had thought about what to wear carefully, since she was attempting to talk her way into being apprenticed to Oxana Mikhailovna. Though she was still somewhat skeptical of her choice, since hummingbirds seemed to have a different taste in what was beautiful than faeries.

Whimsy flitted down long hallways, watching signs and trying not to get lost along the way. As much as she dreaded this meeting, she knew fashion would be a better fit for her than any other discipline. She was never much of a singer or musician. She didn’t have the head for politics or law; she lost her temper too much! She did not know enough about this world to be interested in military or trying to heal the wounded, and her small frame would limit the fighting power she could provide. The only thing she could really carry with her from her previous life was her love of color and grace.

She turned a corner and came abruptly to an office she thought was the right one and knocked firmly against the heavy oak door. Slowly it opened to be met by an older woman with well fitted, proper clothes. Whimsy’s heart sank a little. How would she ever fit in here? Still, better to ask, than never to try.
“Ma’am, are you Professor Mikhailovna? If so, I’d like to become your student.”

    • accepted! -

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