Re(1): Cannot stop problem house soiling

Dear Cindy;
Wow, that is a big problem! You have done everything I could think of. Even the vet throws up his/her hands. And yet...there is _some_ reason this is happening. Take a look at our opening screen. There is an article called "Cat Care," and in that article is one called "Litter Box Mistakes." See if it gives you any ideas. BTW, have there been any changes in Kitty's life recently? New home? New neighbors? New other pet(s)? Cats do not have a large number of ways they can protest, but pottying in the wrong place is always a popular one. (I used to know a kitty who, every time she was annoyed, found the package of paper napkins and tore them all up. Rather creative, no?) But "litter box mistakes" are the traditional method of protest. Considering your kitty is a senior girl, Ghod only knows what has put her on the protest path. But until you find out, you are doing what is right and sensible -- shutting Kitty out of everything she _must_not_ potty on. (And hide the paper napkins, just in case!) Seriously, good luck. Let us know how things progress, okay?
-- Dear Tabby

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