baby KItties

Dear Tabby, HI Me again well, Dusk didnt Get fixed in time and Now they have five beautiful kittens Who are about three weeks old The issue is our outside cat who had kittens under the rafters of all places Brought two of them up to me and then walked away Wouldn't take the first back so i brought her into Dawn who took her Right off and the second is the one we worry about most he was found on the side walk the next day by the car 91 Degree weather Aline of Drooly slobber Almost the length of his body coming from his mouth so after an emergency vet appt to check I brought him home and like with his Sister gave him to Dawn BUT Here's the issue though shes accepted them She wont nurse them very long at all and they are a bit under weight also my boy the one found on the side walk had heat sickness and Pneumonia IS this normal I tried getting him to take formula from A dish A washcloth and one of the syringes they gave me with his medication in them i rinsed it out first of course so what do i do after his medicine this morning he threw up and then When i tried the medicine syringe he just blew bubbles with the formula What should i do I Don't have the $$$ for a bottle because they come in Kits for like $10 each should i try an eye dropper or is Dawn nursing them when I'm not looking I don't know, I'm Very worried because the vet says their only two weeks old barely ware Dawns are three Almost Four weeks..... i put them in a large pet carrier at night so I can sleep and when i'm not home So i don't have to Worry about what they're gonna get into or a hold of Any advice would be welcome, thanks
Mommy Am
P.S. Rainy is very stressed out Again this time by the babies is this normal? i have to wash thoroughly between messing with them and playing with her or else, Thanks again
Mommy Am


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