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OT: New story by prufrock's love

A miracle has passed, peeps - she let me put the story on Colonization HQ! ~bows in gratitude~ Go forth and enjoy with one proviso: Be aware that this is pru. She doesn't do overly happy, and this one is a good example. It's gritty, dark, heartbreaking, and fantastic. Pay attention to the categories, but note that she doesn't use warnings in the headers. She's marked this as a reworking of Negative Utopia, so keep that in mind, especially if you've read that one before.

If you like this story, let her know. If you've never liked any of pru's other stories, don't read this one. If you read it and don't like it, please don't shoot off a nasty email about how much it sucked. It's not nice. If you really really need spoilers, email me and I'll answer any questions you have. It's not easy to read but I read it twice and got completely sucked in both times. In fact I read Negative Utopia years ago and swore I'd never read it again, but I have to admit I appreciated this one.

SN 1572


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