The caves are where it all started. They allowed the first wandering wolves access to the land of Blossom Forest, and afterward housed the monster that had threatened the earliest of inhabitants. The heroes had slain it, yes, but in doing so had also closed off one of the pathways in the caverns, magic blocking one of the many exits to Blossom Forest. But over the years, the original spell has weakened and now the way is clear. What will not only crawl out of the caverns, but erupt from it? The caves now thrum with the ever growing magic wellspring as it spreads out into the land. It is from here that the first vampire of Blossom Forest was corrupted, and it is here that any subsequent vampire will be born. To traverse its paths is dangerous - there is an almost impenetrable darkness, and in that abyss lays many secrets - hidden holes one could fall through, weakened floors, and then of course there is the labyrinthe itself. No one knows what the deeper levels hold - no one has traveled them and survived to tell tales. Not even those who call this place home dares to test their luck by going in deep, deep, deeper. The magic exuding from this place has rearranged the lands - moving packs, changing the terrain. Here the cave looks the same but it is not - it is more dangerous than ever. In addition, outside the mouth of the cave the sacred stones that once stood erect in another place now stand guard. They are colored the most beautiful arrangement of jewel tones, and almost appear to be made of gems themselves, no longer the dull grey they once were. It is within them that all official fights must take place - at the Blican Orlege. Welcome to Drylic Cofa...


the key to my heart is no key at all [ DEATH NOTE ]

Days had passed since Amalthea had left the borders. After her little deal at the borders had been experienced by a neighboring pack, Amalthea had taken to hiding. She didn’t even bring rabbits. In fact, she barely ate, herself. She kept herself out of the way of any other vargs that might be patrolling the borders, and she stayed in a makeshift den that was just a hollowed out, enormous log. She kept quiet, did not disturb others, and counted her blessings. Amalthea was still terrified of everything that had happened to her in the past month. She had run from her forest even though she much rather would have died along with every unlucky creature that had gotten stuck in the flames. And even worse, she knew nothing of the outcome for her sibling, darling Yona. She traveled and ran from those who hunted her, knowing who and what she really was. And then she’d frightened herself into pain and had been helped by someone who knew nothing of her. Someone who she now trusted and watched out for despite him not knowing. Though she would have asked if there was anything wrong, Thea was not the confrontational type. She was one who slunk back into the shadows and stayed to her gossamer thoughts. Beautiful, mythical, untouchable. The horn of a unicorn.

For the first time in two days, the femme slid from her hiding place and stepped into the dancing spots of sunlight. She lifted her head and raised her body, curling her tassel in ecstasy at the feeling of life around her. Summer was her favorite season. Spring her second favorite. She loved the thriving energy, coursing all around her. The fae inhaled deeply, letting the air out slowly so that she could savor the moments that laced themselves between each heartbeat. But revisiting Yona earlier grabbed a hold of the creature’s emotions, pulling her around herself and wrapping her in grief. Her body became drawn in once more, her freedom taken right from underneath her. The energy pouring around her no longer entertained her liveliness. For what if Yona were not part of this earth’s breathing energy any longer? The girls were siblings in a sense that they had been raised together, creatures of the same breed often flocked together in order to keep themselves alive. Their unique blood that coursed through their bodies showed in both the girls’ eyes. Lavender pigmentation under lashes of onyx. But while Amalthea was unstained and had a pearl finish, Yona was a beautiful crimson—that of the dawn. She was eye catching. A jewel to be obtained by pirates who sought out the rarest treasures. Amalthea closed her eyes tight, wishing away the thoughts. She wished she had not gone. She wished she had not stumbled. She wished she were not in this pack. She wished she were home. Home where things were safe and where others did not approach her or threaten her livelihood. Hidden.

Following the paths that she had marked out for herself many times before, the ivory faerie traversed through the packlands well seasoned despite her just recently becoming a ‘member,’ if that was what she was. But as soon as she approached the territory line, she immediately tensed up. Were there others around once again? She peered out from behind a tree and then moved forward when she found that there was not anyone, after all. Her stomach was clawing at her now, enough that she had been forced out of hiding to go in search of food. She had not eaten for a while. But instead of going to where she knew she could find rabbits, she went in the opposite direction. Not consciously, of course. Amalthea would never stray from a known course unless she were preoccupied with something else on her mind—and Yona was just that distraction that held her now. When the lady did find herself aware of the area expanding out before her, she took a step back, turning her head in the direction from whence she’d come. If she went back now, she could be back to the lands just before the sun set…. But her stomach cawed and croaked for her to continue moving. To find something to sustain it for the night, then not have to hunt again for a few more days. So the pearl miss continued forward, eventually finding her hare. She snapped it’s neck cleanly and quickly, using skills that could be tapped into by Bright Moon for a fighter, not just a hunter. She straightened herself, and then froze. Her eyes scanned the clearing she was in, gazing untrustingly at the gaping hole in the earth. Shivers ran up her spine and she lowered her listeners, flattening them slightly. Her tail pressed against her body and her gaze flicked from side to side. She felt… as if she were being watched. And though she wished desperately to flee, she didn’t know from which direction she could feel the eyes. If she ran the wrong way, though possibly towards the pack would be her best bet, she could run right into a collision. And intercepting someone she did not know… or anyone, actually, was not in her best interests. So now with the rabbit dangling lifelessly from her jowls, as the sun was dipping below the horizon line, Amalthea stayed frozen, rooted to the terra. Waiting and prepared for anything from a cougar to a larger wolf than she.

lady amalthea
darling femme x young adult x pearl finish x lilac dreamers x without home x without love


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