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Lorain Results 6/20 // Bob Stascak

Fast Qualifier -Craig Phillips (N.Ridgeville) 14.932

Dash - Kenny Phillips (Vermilion); John Bartlome (Lorain); Jeremie Wiggins (Carlisle Twp.); C.Phillips

Heat # 1 - Jeff Fade Jr. (Northfield); Logan Hamilton (Norwalk); Ryan Cypher (Wellington); Spencer Stineman (Lagrange)

Heat # 2 - K. Phillips; Mike Lawson (Lagrange); C.Phillips; Bartlome; DQ - Wiggins

Feature (30 laps - 8 cars) - Lawson; Bartlome; C.Phillips; K. Phillips; Hamilton; Cypher; Wiggins; Stineman (all of these drivers completed 30 laps); DNS - Fade Jr.

Crate Sprints
Fast Qualifier - Ryan Cypher (Wellington) 13.793

Heat # 1 - Xavier Howard (Wellington); Cypher; Chris Gibbs (Wakeman)

Feature (12 laps - 3 cars) - Howard; Cypher (these drivers completed 12 laps); DNF - Gibbs (2 laps)

Grand Nationals
Fast Qualifier - Shaun Winters (Perry) 16.308

Dash - Stacey Gerken (Lagrange); Jeff Fade Jr. (Northfield); Winters; Bobby Schramm (Wellington)

Heat # 1 - Winters; Schramm; Keith Platz (Mentor); Jeff Fade Jr. (Northfield); DNF - Stacey Gerken (Lagrange)

Heat # 2 - Bob Lusetti (Broadview Hts.); Ron Burkholder (Chardon); Parker Ennes (Elyria); John Rossi (Painesville)

Feature (30 laps - 9 cars) - Winters; Schramm; Fade Jr.; Burkholder; Platz; Ennes; Lusetti (all of these drivers completed 30 laps); Rossi (28 laps); DNF - Gerken (16 laps)

Fast Qualifier - Jim Harkins (Painesville) 18.189

Dash - Brandon Halcomb (Cleveland); Harkins; Trent Aslaksen (Wakeman); DNF - Dan Smith (Wellington)

Heat # 1 - Nicholas Wolfe (Spencer); Mark Fisher (Vermilion); Doug Voldan (S.Amherst); Robert Zelenka (Cleveland)

Heat # 2 - Halcomb; Aslaksen; Smith; DQ - Harkins; DNS - Dave Gaum (Cleveland)

Feature (15 laps - 8 cars) - Halcomb; Smith; Aslaksen; Wolfe; Fisher; Voldan; Zelenka (all of these drivers completed 15 laps); DNF - Harkins (8 laps); DNS - Gaum

The Lorain County Speedway Grand National division and the Street Stock division from other race tracks renewed their battle in Grudge Fest # 2, Sat. June 20, 2015. The first Grudge Fest held on Sat. May 23 saw Shaun Winters top the field in qualifying, then go on to win the feature race. Parker Ennes won the Dash Race and the Heat Race.

Tonights Grand National preliminary events would see Shaun Winters set the fast time in qualifying with a 16.308. The Dash Race winner was Stacey Gerken. The Heat Race winners were Winters and Bob Lusetti.

The thirty lap Grand National feature was paced to the green flag by John Rossi and Bob Lusetti. The battle for the lead was between Lusetti and Parker Ennes with Ennes taking the early lead. Keith Platz ran second followed by Bobby Schramm, Shaun Winters and Jeff Fade Jr. With nine laps scored it was Winters taking the lead. Winters started ninth in the race and opened up a considerable lead as Fade Jr. and Schramm battled for second. Schramm took second and gave chase to Winter who had a front straight lead and began to lap the field. Winters would go unchallenged to win his second Grudge Fest event.

The twelve lap Crate Sprint feature saw Xavier Howard take the early lead and hold off Ryan Cypher for the remaining laps for his second Crate Sprint feature win.

In the Charger fifteen lap feature race Robert Zelenka and Doug Voldan brought the field to the green flag with Voldan leading briefly. Brandon Halcomb started seventh and worked his way into the lead on lap two just before the caution flag waved on lap three for Jim Harkins who went off turn three. On the restart it was Halcomb and Nicholas Wolfe the front row with Halcomb getting the lead.

Halcomb opened up a five car length lead over Trent Aslaksen, Dan Smith, Wolfe, Mark Fisher and Voldan. Halcombs lead was erased on lap nine when Harkins came to a stop on the front straight, out of the race. Halcomb led the restart as Smith advanced to second place. Smith could not catch Halcomb in the closing laps as Halcomb would win tonights Charger Dash, Heat and Feature races.

The Modified thirty lap feature closed out the evenings racing program. In the front row it was Logan Hamilton and Mike Lawson. Jeremie Wiggins would be driving Jeff Fade Jr.'s car since his car broke earlie r in the evening.Lawson took the lead followed by Hamilton, Kenny Phillips, John Bartlome and Craig Phillips. With ten laps scored it was Lawson, Hamilton, Bartlome, C. Phillips and K. Phillips the top five running order.

At the half way mark the running order remained the same. Lawson had a four car length lead over Hamilton with ten laps to go. The lone caution of the race came on lap twenty eight when Spencer Stineman spun in turn one. The restart saw Lawson with the lead followed by Bartlome, C.Phillips, K. Phillips and Hamilton. Mike Lawson would win his first Modified feature of the 2015 season. Finishing second would be his brother in law John Bartlome followed by Craig Phillips the son of Kenny Phillips who finished fourth. Logan Hamilton was fifth.

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