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A Few Words To Live By From James Bodnar Jr.

The Bodnar motorsports team (my dad's team) and his driver DJ Shullick support Supermodified racing whether that is ISMA or MSA or Oswego or CSS or ERA. For example, they went to the first MSA race this year at Sandusky. (which rained out). But you know just like I do that we all have limits and constraints. Sometimes it is too many races and not enough equipment and money. Sometimes it is a goal like an ISMA championship which means making a hard short term decision like not beating up equipment that has no spares the weekend before one of the biggest weekends of the year in order to reach a longer term goal.

Yes. I want you and everyone else to support Supermodified racing. We can do that by staying positive and by being supportive. I hope that adequately answers your concerns. Now a quick soapbox moment for everyone else out there, specifically any of the folks tempted to complain that there weren't enough cars at Mansfield, you are welcome to your opinion and your voice. But please understand something. Let me be clear and dare try to speak for the majority of the people out there, when I say nobody cares that you wouldn't travel to see only eight cars race. Nobody cares that you think eight cars are not worth your time or money to go see. Nobody cares that you think Supermodified racing used to be bigger or better or more exciting than it is now and that in your opinion, it is now terrible. If that is how you feel, please know that we respect that but there are three reasons that you don't need to share.

1. We just don't care that much about your negative opinion.
2. We probably feel the same way.
3. We understand that complaining does no good, doesn't fix the problem, and probably makes it worse.
To us, a complaint like that is a worthless use of words just like saying "my hip hurts" or "I still don't like blue M&Ms". What would you have us do with that information? Commiserate with you? Feel sorry for you? Be inspired to make some big difference in our lives that radically alters the course of Supermodified history for the better?

Truth is, we just don't care that much about your negative opinion. Am I happy that only eight cars were there? Of course not, but you better believe that before I would say one word complaining about it, I would have done everything possible to do something about it. For every ten words I would have wanted to use to complain, I would have spent ten hours trying to help a team to get ready for the weekend. For every ten words that I wanted to complain, I would have sent ten dollars to the 4th turn crazies or to MSA to partially sponsor a lap. Before I complained, I would have spent the money to go and watch the race and still if I felt the need to complain, I would have kept my mouth shut because I know I can either be part of the solution by taking action or I can choose to walk away. Either way, I've taken action.

Complaining is not taking action. Bottom line is that complaining doesn't fix anything. It might make the complainer feel better but it usually pulls people and organizations down. I think I'd rather try to lift things up. I'll try that with my words but I still know in my heart that they are only words. They might inspire a few but if I really want to have any effect, it'll take action.

My action this weekend is flying 2400 miles on a red eye to be at Lorain County speedway to help my dad's team (with what little skills I have) and that hopefully my actions will have some small positive impact on Supermodfied racing.
Now ask yourself what you are going to do to help? What action will you take? I hope it's not sitting behind your computer looking for things to complain about.


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