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Re(14): Listener No 4350 - Revelation of John by Elfman

Surely those who complain about this puzzle don't want to make the Listener an easy option.

Of course I don't want the Listener to become an easy option, but I do feel it should still have a logical path to the solution which does not rely on large amounts of guesswork.

Now Leon has explained his thinking - that the message should have indicated that the thematic information must have been numeric in nature in order to apply it to the remaining clues - I can sort of see the sense in it. But I didn't even consider that the highlighted information would be numeric in nature - there are surely numerous ways a 39-character "series of words" could describe operations on clues, and "use" is rather vague in that context.

Once you know the sequence, that instruction makes perfect sense - if you don't know that the sequence is numeric, then to me, that instruction does not necessarily indicate that it has to be of a numeric nature.

As I said, I have nothing at all against hard puzzles, but for me, the path to the final step of this one required a leap of deduction that was further than I would say was fair.


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