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6 Oct '19

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'Tis a Gift to be Simple

Bri was huddled under the mast's oil cloth with Aespe, trying to stay dry though without much hope of it, hiding from the captain who was in a foul mood due to the impossibility of work in the near hurricane level winds with the viciously tilting ship. Even the vessel's rats had taken cover. Neither girl needed to say to the other how bleak it was, or how miserable they would be for it later, working double time to catch up. Then worse, lightning struck the mast, starting a small, smoldering fire. Never a good sign. Bri looked at Aespe, trying to decide what to do when, with dizzying suddeness, the scene changed. Bri squinted her eyes shut at the bright sun, feeling its warmth, and felt sand beneath her body - an impossibility as they had not been to shore since they were eight.

Bri sat up slowly and opened one eye slitted. She must have died. The beam must have fallen. But then she notes movement and sees Aespe. Relief floods through Bri. Maybe they both died. Yet this did not bear any resemblance to hell as she knew it. The ocean still filled her ears and as she looked she saw the calm blue waves mirroring a clear blue sky. Much different than the dangerous water they had escaped. She opened both eyes, adjusting to the light, intrigued enough to look around. So where were they? Four-legged hooved beasts of some type stood inland more, staring. Bri stared too, since large animals had been extinct her entire life. She felt a bit like she must have hit her head too hard against something, or drank too much of the ship's whiskey, like when Aespe and she had stolen a bottle last year.

"Aespe..." she whispered "um, where are we?"

The land was too large, too open, with no crowds of people and no one yelling at them to move. This did not look like Tirta anymore.


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