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Reserved Names
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Ethan, Jade, Lukas, Rowen, Tadhg, Winifred
19 Aug '19
Kiya, Santos, Sennefer, Tempest
6 Oct '19
Amunet, Croe, Crow, Morgon, Sybel, Wren
16 Aug '19
Goblin, Isobel, Nineve, Noelle, Pipsqueak, Pyre
23 Aug '19
Cleopatra, Felle, Jura, Kharga, Oliver, Simon
6 Oct '19
Adalia, Hemlock, Jared, Odelle, Sherlock, Sirius
19 Aug '19
Artemis, Iseult, Lamorak, Ned, Spectre, Verity
22 Jul '19
Andraste, Brecken, Kaspara, Stiles, Stolas
6 Oct '19

special notes
  • Please note that there is no surname culture on Shaman. You are perfectly welcome to join with a surname, but you will need to use it in the name box whenever you post as your character. :)
  • You can also adopt existing characters from the adoptions board.
'Tis A Gift To Be Free | Sample

It was with grave green eyes that still showed the fear from the storm that Aespe examined their new predicament. There was little room left after such danger for wistful hope. Yet the sky showed no signs of the tumult that had dropped them and the sand wrapped her still damp skin and hair like so much dry salt, obscuring the freckles that spangled her arms and the pale scrapes and scars that marred her hands. Her eyes lingered on her hands, turning them this way and that, in disbelief and looked once more to the sky. Then almost frantically she looked for Bri. She had never ever lost Bri in all their ventures and any that took her would answer to Aespe's wrath. Her breathing slowed as she met her twin sister's eyes so very like her own. Aespe knew they needed to get up and start moving, but the lack of rising and dipping wood beneath her feet made her feel ill. In answer to Bri's question Aespe raised her head and was sick into the sand.

"We need to find out," Aespe answered, having found first her hands and knees as an intermediary step to rising, with a voice barely touched by her current swimming emotions, but with an edge of tenacity to it. Hair clung damply to the nape of her neck and her ears and she reached a hand to brush away the irritating, itchy clinging sand, only spreading more.

Fear gripped Aespe as she looked for others and then guilt. On purpose or by accident, surely they were seen as having broken their contract. Now their family would lose more to servitude or starvation, surely. Yet Aespe couldn't bring herself to try finding a way back. It was so new she wasn't even aware of tasting freedom. Aespe set her jaw stubbornly, fixing her gaze on Bri. She had everything important. Of course the two of them looked like rats and maybe that's what they were, since rats survived just about anything, Aespe thought giddily. Bri's patched up clothes reminded her of what scoundrels they would look. Anyone that saw them would know they were runaways and press them back into work. A fine predicament it was that danced in her head. They were finally free, but only so long as they remained outside the common law. No money, nor food and Aespe couldn't really predict what was safe here.

"I hope we can soon be shipboard again," Aespe murmured to Bri as her legs wobbled uncertainly beneath her, adding suspiciously, "None of this sets well with me."

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