Former Tampa star Coya makes NJAA debut then...WTF??

Former Tampa player Coya made his NJAA debut last night at Puryear Park, but it will go down as one of the most bizarre things ever witnessed on the court.

Coya, good friends with Scott King, made his very first appearance to America's first public jai-alai court Sunday night. After taking about 10-15 minutes of warm up throws, bookmaker Laca teamed him up with his buddy Scott King in post 2. It was like the 1980s all over again - King-Coya playing together.

As the first serve of the game was being made, Coya yells out something of a "painful" sound and nearly drops to the ground. He then grabs his leg and says "I've been stung by a bee!!" or something like that. Play was immediately stopped to see what happened. Coya was in so much pain as he hobbled off the court and was scratched for the rest of the performance.

No one is sure what happened - was it a bee sting? A pulled muscle (Coya had not played in 9 years anywhere)? Anybody with an update- can you please post it? No bee was seen in the area, nor was there any sign of bug bite or anything during the game.

Hope is he will come back again.

Anybody had a bet on King-Coya? Just kidding.

Mark was immediately pulled from his singles slot in post 6 and filled in for Coya- joining Scott King for the win in Game 6. As a side not, Magic Mike had to leave before this game started, thus the game was not picked by a "computer".


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