Re(3): AGENT ORANGE Disability Form Help Request

In 1968 there was a shipmate onboard the
Oxford who had a nasty fungus appear on
his face after one of our swim parties
out in the middle of the South China
Sea. Anyone onboard at the time know
who I'm referring to. This thing
appeared as a small wart looking growth,
but after a couple of days, completely
covered his face, making it hard for
him to even breathe. He was sent
ashore for medical treatment, and
returned to the ship after a couple
weeks. The fungus had apparently been
clinically removed.

After leaving the Ox, I developed
similar growths on my hands and legs.
It took several years to finally get
rid of them. I was recently emailing
a friend who was on the Oxford at the
same time as myself, and was amazed
when he recounted leaving the ship with
similar growths on his body.

This seems more than a coincidence,
leaving me to wonder if other ship-
mates may have left the Oxford with
similar growths on their bodies. If
so, please respond to this post.


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