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Dear tabby, Hi me again, as i might have mentioned before i have both indoor and outdoor kittys my Questions are usually in regards to my three indoor kittys this time its about one of my three out door kittys Chevy who's a year old and had her first litter aprox. Eight Weeks ago about four weeks ago i switched them from Purina KItten chow to PUrinia kit and Kaboodle cat food and i'm wondering if this might be the issue but let me start at the begining When Chevy and her Litter mate IMpala were about Twelve weeks old IMpala was Ran over by a car and Chevy became a cuddle bug as long as she was outside didnt like the house or her littermate Raindrop whom i had raised by hand starting at three weeks due to their mothers Abandoning her Anyway AT this time Chevy was Perfectly NOrmal a few weeks Latter around the Five six month mark she Became a butter ball almost as round as she was tall and The vet had us worm her but she remained chubby Chubby enough She started being called Chubby Cheby Anyway Just before she Got Pregnant she had begun to slim down some and then Affter her Pregnancey she was thin but healthy Untill today i hadnt seen Chevy in about four five days and last time i had shed been thin but not to thin and had been teaching her two Rather Large eight week old kittens to hunt their larger than my 9 week indoor kittens anyway she'd caught a squirel and i had seen her catch a rabit abiout three Quarters her size and a garter snake as well over the last week and a half -2 weeks then tonight she came up for cat food and looked Emaciated Really thin and shes still nurseing her kittens Should i be worried I had a dog who was really thin like that and he had tape worm Should i have her wormed Just in case I don't know I've never had this happen before Any advice will Help
Thanks ohh and The reason i mentioned the food change is because her litter mate raindrop has been having Diarrhea lately and we believe its the food causing it That shes allergic to something in it could this be whats wrong with Chevy? Thanks again
Mommy Am


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