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Re(3): Hy-Miler History (2010~2014)

2010...Mark Sammut battled to his first ever Sandusky win and became the third Canadian to bring the Hy-Miler trophy north of the boarder. Sammut grabbed the initial lead from outside pole but was quickly chased down by lap 13 by fellow Canadian Mike Lichty and local favorite and Friday (Saturday morning) winner Dave Shullick Jr. Lichty was able to sneak by Sammut on Lap 23, and later Shullick Jr. got by on lap 34. The caution-plagued event was red-flagged for refuel on lap 40 with the trio of Lichty, Shullick Jr., and Sammut leading the way. At the red, a hard charging Randy Burch had made it all the way to fourth from his 18th place starting position. Twenty laps later, the mechanical woes continued on the Clyde Booth #61 as Dave Shullick Jr. came to a stop in turn 4 while running second, with a problem in the rear end. This made the top three Lichty, Sammut, and Burch. As the race neared its concluding point, the Lichty car was clearly slipping away, and Burch nailed down second position when the yellow flew on lap 96. Out of no where, the Burch 52 and the Wood 29 (who had snuck into fourth) headed pitside to pick up another jug of fuel, and rejoined tail, with only ten cars running. As the checkered fell, it was Sammut (Sammut #78) out in front, with Robbie Summers (Holbrook #35) in second, Jeff Locke (Locke #37) in third, Mike Lichty (Lichty #84) in fourth, and Tim Ice (May #77) rounding out the top five. Randy Burch (Burch #52) and Russ Wood (Holbrook #29) were able to use the last four laps to get to 6th and 7th. The Friday "Fast Forty" was rained out just prior to the feature, but was run on Saturday morning at 10:15am. Dave Shullick Jr. (Booth #61) dominated the event, with Robbie Summers (Holbrook #35) in second, Charlie Schultz (May #7) in third, Mike Lichty (Lichty #84) in fourth, and Tim Ice (May #77) in fifth. An interesting note, in both events, Summers was second, Lichty was fourth, and Ice was fifth.

1. Mark Sammut
2. Rob Summers
3. Jeff Locke
4. Mike Lichty
5. Tim Ice
6. Randy Burch
7. Russ Wood
8. Bob Magner
9. Dave Duggan
10. Lou Cicconi
11. Danny Lane
12. Johnny Benson Jr.
13. Ben Seitz
14. Kyle Edwards
15. Dave Shullick Jr.
16. Bobby Haynes Jr.
17. Gene Lee Gibson
18. Trent Stephens
19. Jon Henes
20. Jack Smith
21. Dave Shullick Sr.
22. Charlie Schultz
23. Mike Ordway
24. Jim Paller
25. Craig Rayvals
26. Brandon Bellinger
27. Michael Barnes

2011...Tim Jedrzejek aboard the Soule #32 held on for a three-hour endurance run that saw five red flags and two refuels. Johnny Benson (Lichty #74) took the initial lead, but was soon up in smoke on lap 3, as the first red fell for a faulty oil line that slicked up the race track. Jeff Locke inherited the lead and the race ran green until lap 20 when the red fell again for the trio of Mark Sammut, Kyle Edwards, and Otto Sitterly (Vic Miller #11) coming together on the back stretch. After the first refuel, the restart was Locke, Mike Ordway Sr. (Clyde Booth #61), Jedrzejek, Lichty, and Trent Stephens (Stout #19). Yellow fell on lap 38 for a simple spin, but on the restart, Ordway Sr. jumped Locke for the lead. Ordway Sr. would then be penalized to the rear on lap 44 during another caution and Locke would reinherit the point. The third red of the event fell on lap 47 when Jeff Locke flew off of turn 1 after bouncing off the front stretch wall. Mike Lichty, who had just gotten by Jedrzejek for second, inherited the lead. The fourth red of the event fell on lap 68 for a dramatic crash involving four of the Ohio contingent as Trent Stephens (who had worked his way up to fourth) tangled with Jack Smith (Joe Gillingham #5), and Stephens ended up perched on the tractor tires off of turn 3 after helicoptering off the racetrack. Also collected in the incident were Charlie Schultz (May #7) who had been running fourth at the time, and Bobby Dawson (Reed's Salvage #28). The lead was not the place to be as the caution fell again on lap 74 for the Mike Lichty machine, who was sidelined with magnito issues. On the lap 74 restart, after so much attrition, the top five was Jedrzejek, Ben Seitz (Richard Bein #17), Russ Wood (Holbrook #29), Mike Ordway Jr. (Stout #49), and Dave Shullick (Lane #97). That's how they ran the rest of the way, hold for the fifth red flag which fell on lap 80 for a simple spin, and refueling again had to take place. Friday's "Fast Forty" was an excellent race seeing only one caution for a simple spin on lap 9, and like the previous couple of years, it was dominated by the Ohio cars. Trent Stephens was the man to watch in Friday's show, as he broke in the heat race, then won the consi, started 19th, and came all the way to finish in the fourth spot. Mike Lichty (Lichty #84) brought home the checkers, with Ohio favorite Bobby Dawson (Reed's Salvage #28) in second, Russ Wood in third, Trent Stephens in fourth, and Kyle Edwards rounded out the top five.

1. Timmy Jedrrzejek
2. Ben Seitz
3. Russ Wood
4. Mike Ordway Jr.
5. Dave Shullick Jr.
6. Charlie Schultz
7. Paul White
8. Rob Summers
9. Eddie Witkum Jr.
10. Mike Lichty
11. Craig Rayvals
12. Moe Lilje
13. Trent Stephens
14. Bobby Dawson
15. Mike Ordway Sr.
16. Jack Smith
17. Jeff Locke
18. Dave Duggan
19. Rich Reid
20. Jim Paller
21. Kyle Edwards
22. Mark Sammut
23. Otto Sitterly
24. Dave McKnight Jr.
25. Joey Scanlon
26. Johnny Benson Jr.
27. Danny Bowes

2012...Tim Jedrzejek driving the Soule #32 won his second Hy-Miler in as many years. Jedrzejek grabbed the early race lead and never looked back as his many challengers fell by the wayside. Early challengers included Moe Lilje (Reed's Salvage #8) who's night ended early with a right-rear caliper issue, and then Charlie Schultz who ended up on top of the tires in turn 2 after a mechanical issue around the midway point of the race. Mike Lichty (Reed's Salvage #84) and Dave Shullick Jr. (ACME Racing #49) were able to chase down, but not pass, Timmy J as he flew under the Hy-Miler checkers. The top five was Jedrzejek, Lichty (second both nights), Shullick Jr., Johnny Benson Jr. (Lichty #74), and Eddie Witkum Jr. (Lane #97). Friday night's race was delayed by a thunderstorm that hit right at dusk prior to the running of heat races. As happens almost every year, the Friday show was won from the front two rows, and the top five included a bunch of the Ohio contingent. From the outside pole starting position, Mike Ordway Sr. (Booth #61) crossed under the checkered flag in the "Friday Fast Forty" for the sixth time in his driving career, the rest of the top five were rounded out by Mike Lichty (Reed's Salvage #84), Moe Lilje (Reed's Salvage #8), Trent Stephens (ACME Racing #19), and Dave Shullick Jr. (ACME Racing #49).

1. Timmy Jedrzejek
2. Mike Lichty
3. Dave Shullick Jr.
4. Johnny Benson Jr.
5. Eddie Witkum Jr.
6. Kyle Edwards
7. Jeff Locke
8. Lou Cicconi
9. Charlie Schultz
10. Dan Bowes
11. Sondi Eden
12. Joe Gosek
13. Ben Seitz
14. AJ Lesiecki
15. Dave McKnight
16. Bobby Dawson
17. Mark Sammut
18. Danny Shirey
19. Rob Summers
20. Tim Ice
21. Trent Stephens
22. Craig Rayvals
23. Ryan Coniam
24. Jon Henes
25. Rich Reid
26. Moe Lilje
27. Mike Ordway Sr.

2013...Dave Shullick Jr. driving the brand new Jim Bodnar #94 won his first Hy-Miler, an 85 lap rain shortened affair run on Sunday Afternoon due to Saturday night raining out, avenging his 1999 Hy-Miler disqualification. DJ grabbed the lead on lap 13 from Eddie Witkum (Witkum #21) and never looked back, with Moe Lilje (Reed's Salvage #8) following him the entire way. The #94 was never heavily challenged all the way to the rain drops on lap 85, and Lilje secured second place. The reset of the top five were Lou Cicconi (Vic Miller #71), Charlie Schultz (May Motorsports #7), and Ben Seitz (Richard Bien #17). Friday Night's fast forty showcased an amazing dual through lapped traffic between Mike Lichty (Reed's Salvage #84) and Dave Shullick Jr., with the pair swapping the lead several times between laps 9 and 28, ending finally when the #94 of Shullick brought out the yellow with a broken brake caliper. After that yellow, Mike Lichty was off to the checkers. Following Lichty were Lou Cicconi (71), Moe Lilje (8), Jeff Locke (Locke #37), and Charlie Schultz (7) who had squeezed out a top five after pitting for adjustments in the first ten laps of the show. It has become regular throughout the last decade or so that many of the top five are the same both nights, this year was no different with Lilje, Cicconi, and Schultz finishing in the top 5 both nights.

1. Dave Shullick Jr.
2. Moe Lilje
3. Lou Cicconi
4. Charlie Schultz
5. Ben Seitz
6. Mark Sammut
7. Danny Shirey
8. Timmy Jedrzejek
9. Bobby Dawson
10. Alison Cumens
11. Kevin Jaycox Jr.
12. Trevor Berry
13. Jon McKennedy
14. Eddie Witkum Jr.
15. Kyle Edwards
16. Ryan Litt
17. Tim Ice
18. Ray Graham Jr.
19. Dan Lane
20. Mike Lichty
21. Johnny Benson Jr.
22. Jim Paller
23. Kyle Vanderpool
24. Jimmy McCune
25. Mike McVetta
26. Ryan Coniam

2014ÖLou Cicconi driving the Clyde Booth #61 grabbed the lead from Jeff Locke (Locke #37) on lap 16 and never looked back, but was challenged heavily in the final 10 to 15 laps by the Ohio duo of Dave Shullick Jr. (Bodnar #95) and Moe Lilje (Reedís Salvage #8). Rain fell on lap 37 eventually leading to a rain delay of over three hours. After racing resumed, Bobby Santos (Vic Miller #11) found himself in second place, but as the race got to the later stages, Santos fell off to Shullick Jr., and Lilje. Once in second place, Shullick Jr. wasted no time applying pressure to Cicconi for the lead, maneuvering outside of Cicconi on several occasions, but could never make the move stick. While these two were fighting for the lead, Lilje was able to pull up to their bumper, and raced by Shullick Jr. with just four to go. Despite several attempts, Lilje was not able to get by Cicconi, and the Aston, Pennsylvania resident picked up his first Hy-Miler victory. Following Cicconi in a close second and third were Lilje and Shullick Jr. Jeff Locke and Friday Nightís winner, Ben Seitz (Richard Bien #17) rounded out the top 5. This was the 3rd Hy-Miler in the past 4 to be won from the front row. Friday Nightís fast forty, also delayed by rain, was won from the pole position by Ben Seitz, who took over the lead from outside pole sitter Jeff Locke on lap 16. Top five were Seitz, Shullick Jr., Mike Lichty (Reedís Salvage #84), Cicconi, and Robbie Summers (Brad Lichty #74). Continuing the trend from previous years, three drivers were in the top five both nights: Cicconi, Seitz, and Shullick Jr.

1. Lou Cicconi
2. Moe Lilje
3. Dave Shullick Jr.
4. Jeff Locke
5. Ben Seitz
6. Kyle Edwards
7. Jon McKennedy
8. Bobby Santos III
9. Mark Sammut
10. Trent Stephens
11. Bobby Dawson
12. Dave McKnight
13. Robbie Summers
14. Trevor Berry
15. Alison Cumens
16. Matt Marlowe
17. Kevin Feeney
18. Mike McVetta
19. Charlie Schultz
20. Mike Lichty
21. Eddie Witkum Jr.
22. Ryan Coniam
23. Jim Paller
24. Eric Lewis
25. Otto Sitterly
26. Tim Ice
27. Timmy Jedrzejek
28. Kevin Jaycox Jr.


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