Hello, My daughter Amber recommended you to me. I adopted a kitten about a month ago abandon by a stray who was barely old enough to have her eyes open, but I had a mother cat in the house , who had just had a litter a couple weeks earlier and She has taken really good care of My Minuet until now, I think the mommy has run out of milk, but after nursing 7 or 8 kittens for a month or two it's not a surprise. Only Minuet has not gained any weight which means she's really thin, but till today she seemed to be thriving playing with siblings etc. Today However she has seemed to not feel very good. I chalked it up to being in a pet carrier at night to sleep with siblings because they use the litter box in the day time but at night have accidents sometimes at night. and My little Minuet smelled like urine this morning, so I bathed her. She didn't care for this, and since there is so much bacteria in urine I'm wondering if that could be why she's sick.I can take her to her Dr. tomorrow but for today I'm really worried, not only does she not gain weight, but she seems to only want to sleep now.Should I write a post dated check to the vet and take her now? She does eat solids but doesn't get any bigger after a month,Do you think that if I take her away from her siblings and feed her canned food it will help.They are all going to good loving forever homes soon,but Minuet has one mine. For now I have her in a clean pet taxi with her adopted Mommy, Now I don't think she can nurse her but she is cuddling and bathing her ,hopefully that will make her feel some better.Am I doing the right thing? Or should I post date that check and take her to the Dr. Now??? Any advice helps.


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