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Re(7): Hot Stock 4x4 - FI and Aluminum Heads

I agree with allot of the above points and have thought for many years that we need entry level classes that are fairly simple for new comers of the sport to get into...I have also learned in the past that unfortunatly you will get 1000 different opinions and idea's and walk away from the meeting wondering what just happened and a few years later the same conversation comes up again. One thing we have to remember is its just not us the pullers that should point the classes in one direction but also the fans...without the fans we have nothing!!! For the past 7 years I have stat in the stands or sidelines watching all the other classes while taking a break from pulling then building my truck. I can tell you one thing I hear year after year and its the same for tractors or trucks...all the younger people in the stands relate better with the newer sheet metal/models of vehicles. For this reason, I believe this is why we see so many more people come up or show interest in the diesel classes...Many of the trucks you see now trailered to PSD pulls were daily drivers just a few years ago and it was even the case with some of the PMD trucks. Unfortunatly when it comes to Hot Stock, the new or close to new body style trucks just arn't there because they all run EFI. 28 years ago I believe was the last time a carburetor was available in a pickup and most of the big 3 have already 3 or 4 generations of trucks since that time....just my thoughts and something to think about for the sport in general and just not one single class.



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