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Tear the Veil asunder

They call this land The Fade, where every move determines the fate of the future. The elders would tell me stories about the guild leaders, and their intrapersonal symbionce. Without the guilds this land wouldn't be in balance. But thats exactly what had happened, and we now face a great imbalance.

The Riddler, The Mother, and even The Architect watch over us all as we fall into place in this world of chaos and turmoil. Whose to say what will happen among the herds, or whether a guild will be demolished or rule superior? Living here in the moment, in The Fade, we are the necks turning the head of each guild leader, and the future belongs to us. Which path will you take in this alotted place between the Guilds? What path will choose in such a world?

The Fade is an original fantasy horse rpg, where all writing levels and styles are welcomed. This rpg offers positions in both herds and guilds, with an emphasis of following the teachings of NPC guild leaders. We opened July, 2015 - and we are here to stay!

Come help us find the balance between guilds, or carve out your own niche in this world.....

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