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Re(3): Sunday Sulks revisited

Sunday sulks. Routines for getting your morning Azed fix.

1. The .pdf preference

Symptom: there is no link showing on the page.

First, try using your browser’s facility for reading the page’s source code. A page is opened full of web page script. Use the edit tab to search for ‘.pdf’. If you’re very lucky, you’ll find the link straight away. The link there may be posted on the message board for all to use.

If no ‘.pdf ’ link is found, hope that a Guardian staffer who knows where a copy of the file has been saved will post a link. Long shot - dream on!

2. The interactive version. For this to work you need Java installed on your computer. If you do, you’re more likely to find that the ‘print version’ link will work. If not, you may find the ‘This puzzle is not available’ message. Do not despair in either case if no copy of the puzzle appears at first. Look at the link shown in your browser. It ends with the phrase ‘?answers=’. What is missing is the number of letters to be entered in the grid, which, in the case of a barred puzzle, is the total number of squares. Simply try the product of the grid-size of a typical Azed puzzle. This week’s is 12 by 12, so entering ‘144’ at the end of the link and pressing the Enter key will prove to be effective. In other weeks it may be another number, the product of 11, 12, or 13 in one combination or other.

If you manage to find the page for the latest puzzle by this method, it is recommended that you use a custom zoom to fit in your browser’s print preview in order to get a comfortable view of the grid.


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