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Re(6): Listener 4354: Taxi! By Ilver

Thanks James and Alastair.

Moans withdrawn.

I confess that my apprehensive reading of Ilver's preamble made me think, wrongly, that maths would be needed in the end game. I gave up too soon.

Sadly though, James, being well into my ninth decade, I have no appetite to improve my puny knowledge of maths at this late stage.

As to my other point about changes to format, in particular our now being usually required to solve 90% of clues before we can embark on an end game ... I will happily recant on that.

Just as our native tongue evolves ... " a phenomena and a criteria are constantly being thrust on you and I" ... so crosswords evolve too. I applaud today's setters and solvers for their amazing capabilities. For newer solvers this is now what the Listener is.

But, as one who came new to the Listener when the Times took it over in the early 90s, I am grateful for the enjoyment those puzzles back then gave me, in spite of occasional bursts of Playfair Code and ciphers various.

Just as I am grateful for having watched cricket before coloured pyjamas emblazoned with sponsors' names, sledging, ball-tampering, and the Barmy Army.

And for having been to Proms before Dr. Who, Sinatra, and too many cacophonous world premieres, albeit they might be the classics of fifty years hence.

So all credit for those currently contributing to the ongoing success of The Listener ... not forgetting the amazing John Green.


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