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Re(13): Hot Stock 4x4 - FI and Aluminum Heads

Hate to be this way on a board, but I have been tractor pulling my whole life and just started truck pulling. Local Classes in the OTTPA have become nothing more than a total joke, and when we say "Entry Level", I don't mean I just wanna hook, I want to run for points and play in a fair and competitive class. Want to build a competitive entry level Local Diesel truck? Hope you have thousands to spend. Duramax and Cummins trucks are running single and twin turbos, bigger injectors, performance heads... And those aren't cheap parts.

As for the Hot Stock Big Cubic Inch trucks who will want aluminum heads and fuel injection, they are welcome to it, assuming they move up and spend the money to go Super Stock. I personally want my 2000 Silverado 6.0L to run with Aluminum Heads and Fuel Injection, and feel with so few cubic inches I'll never have a lot of luck catching the big cubic inch Hot Stocks in that class.

All I'm saying is, don't put down guys who want to expand "Entry Level". At this point, "Entry Level" diesel for points is Pro Street, and being competitive is gonna cost you, $20K would be an easy mark to leave in the rear view mirror. What's the other option? A Gas Pull Truck with EFI and Aluminum Heads will be cheap, exciting and allow new body style trucks to get into the sport without the cash up front.


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