Re(2): bad spell

What level of your training are you 'trainee'?

It's a statistical fact that the more cases you do, the more complications you will run into. Here are some tips:

1. The trick is to have a routine and stick to it. If you safe with divide and conquer, stick with that and don't all of sudden try stop and chop unless you have a consultant watching and guiding you.

2. Make sure your hydro-dissection is absolutely complete - most PC ruptures will occur, if lens is not mobile and forcefully rotated. If the lens does not move rotate freely, stop and hydro-dissect again.

3. Never phaco near the PC edge - keep the tip in centre and let the fragments come to you. When you have the last fragment, remove the second instrument to deepen the AC.

4. Remember Healon is your friend - use it as often as you need to. Make sure the bag is inflated fully before injecting the IOL.

Good luck


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