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Free the flame and sear the grasses

Name: J'tan
Sex: Male
Skin Color: Type III
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Player Name: Nicky

Detailed Appearance:

Muscular and fit, with his face weather-worn by years of flying. A thin scar runs across his cheek from his nose to his jaw. His brown hair is kept very closely cropped and weathered closer to a gold than a brown. J'tan is very slightly built (the better for riding a blue) and as lithe as his dragon.


J'tan (born Jahotan) was craft-bred in a minor hold beholden to Nerat Hold. He spent his childhood growing up in the beasthall, learning how to properly manage both herd- and runnerbeasts. In his fifteenth turn he was Searched and brought to Ista Weyr where he impressed blue Perith. He was born during a Pass and grew up with the ever-present threat of Thread hanging over most of his life. Fighting two turns of Thread has taught him that while he's definitely not infallible he can depend on his dragon and his weyr to help him fight.

Gather Day! J'tan shot out of his bed at this thought, tangling himself in furs in his haste. He fell to the floor with a muted curse for the hard stone. He struggled out of the furs and turned in time to see Perith turn on eye to face him. It was green, and moving faster than he'd seen in quite a while. As he considered this the dragon's mouth dropped and a rumble of laughter answered his curses at the clinging material.

It's not funny Perith!, he yelled. You know I've waited for this Gather! Get up, we'll be late! Finally freeing himself from the furs he lunged for his gather clothes and flight jacket. There was just enough time for Perith to get his bath, him to have a swim, and to get into his clothes before the Gather started. Not that they had to be there when it started but..

Perith got up with a yawn and another rumble that might have been laughter. J'tan tossed his clothes and the harness across his dragon before thumping his shoulder to go, go already. The blue blinked once at the lack of harness before leaping from his weyr. J'tan's body snapped back, but he steadied himself on the ridge before him and let out a whoop before the pair disappeared between and reappeared above the lake. Perith hovered above shore while his rider shoved clothing and harness to the ground, then dove into the lake. The impact drove J'tan from his dragon's back and he sputtered and splashed until he made his way back to the surface. Beneath him Perith twisted and turned like one of the shipfish. The rider grinned at his dragon's enjoyment as he swam to shore.

C'mon Perith! Jsut enough to get the grime off! We don't have all day.

And time to sun, don't forget that.

J'tan grimaced at that, but allowed him a quarter of a glass to allow both of themto dry. Going between wet would get them there faster, but he'd no desire to be sick during th egather. Gerod would be there! Thinking of the crafter brought a grin to his face and he hastily clothed himself in the fine clothes he'd bought to impress Gerod. In his haste he did not inspect his riding straps as he had been trained and as his dragon went between one of the straps snapped and he fell to the side. There was nothing! He was falling, he was lost, but there was nothing but the chill of between and emptiness. He could hear Perith calling but even his “voice” was faint to his mind, as if he were already away and gone.

Then there was light. All around him, light bright enough to sear his eyes, hot enough to begin to boil him in his wher-hide jacket. He was out of between, but Perith was still gone and he howled with that knowledge, howled against the empy part of his mind that had been Perith's. He tore his jacket off as he opene his eyes and the alien world made him gasp in horror. This was not Ista Weyr, not was it Keroon where they'd been bound. It was.. it was nowhere he'd seen. There was a marketplace, but it was in the open, and out of wood. And so were the houses! No one built of wood on Pern! What holder would be fool enough to allow this? His grief became rage and e stormed toward the holding, intending to fire the holdings of any so foolish as to build in wood.

Then the dragon riders would come, and they would find Perith. He was alive. There was no keening, Perith had to be alive, even if he couldn't hear him. He clung to that in the depths of his rage. Perith was alive. He was just.. lost. That's all. Lost.

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