Preseason "Awesome 18" Girls' Team Rankings: Teams 8-11

11. Monroe

League: East Valley

Varsity Returners: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Where they finished last year: 11th at City Finals

Strength Rating: 5.5

Depth: 6

Reserves Rating: 8.5

Projected Top 7: Rome Pacheco, Sr. (21:13/Pierce, 6:00/1600, 13:10/3200)
Xochitl Hernandez, Sr. (22:03/Pierce, 5:57/1600, 12:39/3200)
Leslie Martinez, Sr. (21:22/Pierce, 2:46/800, 6:02/1600)
Amber Greene, Sr. (23:55/Elysian, 2:28/800, 5:46/1600)
Elizabeth Lopez, So. (2:44/800, 6:04/1600)
Joanna Cruz, Jr. (22:07/Pierce, 2:54/800, 6:29/1600)
Maria Rivera, Sr. (22:34/Pierce, 6:53/1600, 13:46/3200)

Notes: Monroe loses their top runner from last year but returns the next 6 from the team that placed 11th at City Finals a year ago. No one returns with sub-21 credentials, but good development during Track indicates some nice PRs in store for the Vikings this season. They have strength in depth and in numbers, but they must find a low stick for them to move up in ranking. With 5 Seniors in the projected top 7, Monroe must capitalize this season by making it back to City Finals.

10. Polytechnic

League: East Valley

Varsity Returners: 1, 3, 4, 5

Where they finished last year: 8th at City Finals

Strength Rating: 6

Depth Rating: 5.5

Reserves Rating: 3.5

Projected Top 7:
Noemi Silva, Sr. (20:02/Pierce, 2:39/800, 5:57/1600)
Yeheni Bautista, Sr. (21:15/Pierce, 13:35/3200)
Samantha Santos, Sr. (21:20/Pierce)
Pilar Cardoso, Jr. (22:10/Pierce)
Luz Garcia, So. (22:11/Pierce, 2:50/800, 13:42/3200)
Diana Contreras, Jr. (22:50/Pierce, 6:05/1600)
Nicole Martinez, So. (22:59/Pierce)

Notes: Poly did not have the best Track season but they return 4 of their 5 scorers from last year with Noemi Silva, who just missed going sub-20, leading them. Poly has an interesting case with Silva the clear front runner, the 2nd and 3rd runners both about 1:15 minutes behind her, the 4th and 5th runners about 50 seconds behind them, and the 6th and 7th runners about 45 seconds behind them. This could be a potential weakness, but it could also be a strength. If all those gaps can close, this team can better their 8th place finish from last year. The battle for the East Valley Title should also be very close this season with Monroe ranked just below Poly.

9. El Camino Real

League: West Valley

Varsity Returners: 3, 5, 6

Where they finished last year: 5th in Heat 1 of City Prelims

Strength Rating: 5.5

Depth Rating: 6.5

Reserves Rating: 9.5

Projected Top 7:
Cassandra Watters, Sr. (21:26/Pierce, 5:37/1600, 12:18/3200)
Brielle Pauker, Jr. (21:19/Pierce)
Grace Mills, So. (22:19/Pierce, 5:45/1600, 12:49/3200)
Faith Kim, Jr. (22:44/Pierce, 2:45/800, 5:52/1600)
Marsha Mata, Jr. (22:00/Pierce, 2:54/800, 6:01/1600)
Alexa Shvartsmann, So. (21:42/Pierce)
Maya Teitz, So. (21:42/Pierce)

Notes: ECR doesn’t have the same firepower up front as some of the other teams, but what they’re missing in that department, they more than make up for with superb depth. Even though they only return 3 from their Varsity team, they had some great development from some members of their 5th place F/S team during Track. Particularly impressing was Cassandra Watters, runner-up in the JV final last year, who ran 5:37 and 12:18 and Grace Mills, who qualified for the F/S 1600 and 3200. ECR has a great recent record of developing runners and if that trend continues, this team could even contend for the podium.

8. Birmingham
League: West Valley
Varsity Returners: 1, 2, 5, 6
Where they finished last year: 9th at City Finals
Strength Rating: 7
Depth Rating: 7
Reserves Rating: 9
Projected Top 7: Angelica Salas, Sr. (19:39/Pierce, 2:34/800, 5:36/1600, 11:55/3200)
Julissa Orellana, Sr. (21:01/Pierce, 2:42/800, 5:55/1600)
Alicia Houth, Jr. (21:12/Pierce, 6:08/1600. 13:17/3200)
Nataly Rojo, So. (21:45/Pierce)
Iliana Mazin, Sr. (22:07/Pierce, 2:45/800, 6:19/1600, 13:08/3200)
Jackeline Martinez, Sr. (21:58/Pierce, 2:45/800. 6:30/1600)
Sareen Tashjian, Jr. (22:05/Pierce, 6:26/1600, 13:25/3200)
Notes: City Champ contender Angelica Salas, who is the 7th fastest returner from XC and one of 4 runners returning that have broken 12 for 3200 m, will lead the Patriots this year as they try to better their 9th place finish from last year. Like El Camino Real, Birmingham had a strong group of F/S (they finished 3rd) that will supply their Varsity team. Also similar to ECR is the team’s great depth as all 7 should be well under 22 at Pierce come November. For them to place on the podium however, the gap must close between Salas and the rest of the group.

I apologize for the late post. The next set of rankings will cover teams 4-7 and could be out over the weekend, but if not, Monday for sure. If any corrections should be made please let me know!


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