Preseason "Awesome 18" Girls' Team Rankings: Teams 4-7

7. Marshall

League: Northern

Varsity Returners: 1, 3, 4, 6

Where they finished last year: 6th at City Finals

Strength Rating: 7.5

Depth Rating: 7

Reserves Rating: 8.5

Projected Top 7:
Gris Monterroso, Sr. (20:00/Pierce, 2:36/800, 5:30/1600, 12:41/3200)
Yareli Jimenez, So. (20:35/Pierce, 2:33/800, 5:31/1600, 12:52/3200)
Erin Murray, Jr. (21:22/Pierce)
Tiffany Perez-Gutierrez, Jr. (21:39/Pierce)
Mariah Reilly, Sr. (21:44/Pierce)
Valerie Rosas, Sr. (22:00/Pierce, 2:46/800, 6:11/1600)
Carol Corona-Sanchez, So. (22:45/Elysian, 6:22/1600, 14:06/3200)

Notes: Marshall returns a solid group of 4 from last year’s team that just missed out on a podium spot. Gris Monterroso and Yareli Jimenez should provide a nice 1-2 punch for the Barristers after tremendous Track seasons where both broke 13:00 and placed 7th and 8th respectively in the 1600 m Final. However, they must address the gap between those two and the rest of the group to have a chance of bettering their finish from last year. Like the boys’ side, some kids only run one of XC or Track which makes it difficult to progress and predict their lineup.

6. Taft

League: West Valley

Varsity Returners: 3, 4

Where they finished last year: 4th at City Finals

Strength Rating: 7.5

Depth Rating: 7.5

Reserves Rating: 8.5

Projected Top 7: Carissa Lee, Jr. (19:50/Pierce, 5:41/1600, 12:22/3200)
Karina Finn, Sr. (20:49/Pierce, 2:43/800, 5:51/1600)
Charlene Aguilera, Jr. (21:51/Pierce, 2:38/800, 5:41/1600)
Colleen Clarke, Sr. (21:56/Pierce, 13:34/3200)
Alexa Sullivan, So. (23:11/Pierce, 2:33/800, 5:53/1600)
Vanessa Ramirez, Jr. (21:58/Pierce, 5:59/1600)
Shayna Orensztein, Jr. (22:28/Pierce, 13:24/3200)

Notes: Losing a runner as talented as Beckie Alch and 4 other Varsity members might be enough for almost every City team to concede this season to be part of a rebuilding year, but Taft has other plans. Carissa Lee, who broke 20 at Pierce as a Sophomore, leads 5 that have broken 6 minutes for 1600 m which is tied for the 3rd most in the City. While the times at Pierce may not indicate it, this team has tremendous depth and is in line for big PRs this season. Only two projected Seniors makes the future bright for this team.

5. Santee

League: Exposition

Varsity Returners: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Where they finished last year: 6th at City Finals

Strength Rating: 9

Depth Rating: 5

Reserves Rating: 3.5

Projected Top 7:
Jennifer Perez, Jr. (21:14/Pierce, 2:30/800, 5:30/1600, 11:57/3200)
Patricia Sanchez, So. (20:04/Pierce, 5:33/1600, 12:14/3200)
Genesis Siam Alvarez, Jr. (20:19/Pierce, 2:46/800)
Berenice Cayetano, Sr. (21:31/Pierce, 2:58/800. 6:09/1600, 13:27/3200)
Jessica Velasquez, Sr. (21:48/Pierce, 2:38/800, 5:53/1600, 13:55/3200)
Maria Esteban-Baltazar, So. (23:33/Pierce)
Ashley Sanchez, Sr. (23:58/Pierce, 3:21/800)

Notes: Santee returns 5 of 7 from last year but more importantly, lose only one scorer, albeit it was their top one. From the teams I’ve ranked so far, Santee’s trio is definitely the strongest with Jennifer Perez and Patricia Sanchez particularly impressing during Track. Jennifer Perez had a breakout season and was the F/S 1600 and 3200 m Champ but could easily have competed at the Varsity level. Her 11:57 3200 m is the 4th fastest returning time while her teammate, Patricia Sanchez’s 12:14 is the 8th fastest returning time as only a Sophomore. The possibility is very real for Santee’s top 3 to be all under 20 at Pierce, but after that there is a dropoff. If that gap can be closed this could be a very dangerous team come November.

4. Bravo

League: Northern

Varsity Returners: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

Where they finished last year: 5th at City Finals

Strength Rating: 8.5

Depth Rating: 8

Reserves Rating: 10

Projected Top 7:
Teresa Castillo, Sr. (19:30/Pierce, 2:17/800, 5:13/1600, 12:29/3200)
Libertad Gonzalez, So. (19:52/Pierce, 6:03/1600, 12:52/3200)
Elia Gil, Jr. (20:32/Pierce, 2:35/800, 5:58/1600, 12:51/3200)
Ariadna Quinares, Sr. (21:06/Pierce)
Jacqueline Corona, So. (21:31/Pierce, 2:36/800, 5:56/1600)
Samanatha Sanchez, Jr. (21:53/Pierce, 6:30/1600, 14:00/3200)
Suzan Sargsyan, Jr. (21:38/Elysian)

Notes: Bravo returns their top 4 and number 6 runners from last year’s team that placed 5th at City Finals. They will be led by City Champ Contender Teresa Castillo who is coming off a Track season where she was the 800 m Champ and runner-up in the 1600 m to Marissa Williams. Libertad Gonzalez and Elia Gil will provide good backup to her and again, the potential is there for all 3 to be under 20 at Pierce. Bravo will also need to address their depth like Santee; however, if they want to break up the Pedro-Pali-Granada trio and get a spot at State.

The final update will be out on Wednesday. I hope everyone had a good, productive summer break and is ready for the new school year!


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