Girl now a Boy.

Dear Tabby, please don't laugh at me...Well go ahead it's funny, but is it umm unusual to at first when a kitten is very young to think it's female and later notice it's male, and whats worse the vet still has no clue. See I was giving Minuet some antibiotic the vet prescribed for some tummy trouble not bad but it caused just a little diarrhea. Anyway when my daughter was helping me give her her medicine, I looked down and noticed my minuet has a winky now She/ He was in a litter with another kitten I found outside and brought in and got my house cat the outside cat that gave birth to Minuet's sister who had recently had kittens herself adopt.( The two cats were part of two different litters by a stray that I started feeding, and the one that lives outside was Ferrell until this last spring.) Anyway there was another of these outside kittens who recently got a forever home,and it was all boy from day 1,as were three of the ones born in the house. Is this common? because I gotta tell ya it's happened to me three times, over about the last 20 years, So now Minuet's Mignon.


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