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Robin behavior

This is a add on to a observation i wrote about strange Robin behavior earlier. The middle of July I observed two sets of mated Robins engaged in building the same nest together with both females adding building materials all morning for a few days with their males partners following nearby.Some skirmishes happened with one female or sometimes a male would object to the close proximity of another Robin but this went on most of the mornings. After the nest was built it wasn't long before one of the female Robins began nesting and the other pair was driven from the area.I did see the nesting females mate hanging around during the first week. I sit on my deck every morning weather permitting and observe what goes on in the large yard I have near water and where the nest was built about 25ft away from my deck in a 2 year old lilac tree. After the first week the nesting females mate was never seen and I found this very unusual. The female continued to stay on the nest jumping out occasionally to feed. But no male. After about 2 weeks she began bring small beak full of food to the newly hatched chick's which there were two with one egg unhatched. It was the female which fed her chick's because the male was never seen in our large yard where i watched her look for food everyday,or go to the bird bath for a drink. A month and a few days later in the morning I saw one of the young Robins come jumping onto the driveway and hop into the flower bed.The female eventually found her chic and it seemed she was steering it towards a larger group of shrubs with her chirpping sounds. The the next baby Robin jumped out later and half heartedly flew into the rose garden near the deck with mother observing and squawking.I watched as mother Robin flew ahead a bit along the flower bed and the two baby Robins followed her into the more thicker protected shrub gardens further away for a more safer place. But no male. This female Robin raised its chick's by herself which many other times when observing nesting Robins both would help to feed their young and the male would occasionally sing in the mornings. Not in this case.

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