mud wars texas style racing series rules ammendments
Posted on February 12, 2014 at 04:16:21 PM by mud wars tech

12 feb. 2014
mud wars texas style racing series rules ammendments.
super stock f/t: aluminum heads ( 23 degree only) but must add 100lbs of blasts painted orange and bolt in and be in plain sight. 4.8- 5.3- 6.0 OEM aluminum heads only must add 100lbs painted orange and bolt in. As of 12 feb. 2014 approved by the board.
outlaw pro stock f/t NO aluminum big blocks ( cast only ) but small blocks aluminum are allowed update ( 7 january 2014 )
renegade f/t ( four wheel mods and super gas is in one class renegade f/t)
outlaw hot stock (new class)
GENERAL: This class is intended for trucks and jeeps that have
. been slightly modified for competition but capable of being made street
legal in 24 hrs. engine swaps allowed but must be oem style frame and
suspension and oem body.
. Stock street or oem fiberglass (equivalent)min. cutting allowed only for
tire clearance. If it came with doors(oem) must be on vehicle.
2. wheelbase cannot be extended must match body(body swap allowed.)
3. Firewall can be reshaped minimally,but not cut & relocated.
4. must retain factory floor pan.
5. flatbeds must be meet by tech approval.
6. must retain stock glass (all) expcept back glass can be plex -glass for roll
7. headlights and taillights may be removed, but must be covered.
8. front bumper requied.
9. interior cannot be gutted. (capert,bench seat, door panels can be remove
not metal floor pan,doors.If dash is remove must have 4-point cage inside
of cab & metal dash.
1. full uncut factory frame front to rear( must retain 2 stock crossmembers)
2. minunum 4 point roll-cage requied (open top vehicle must be 6 point
roll-cage )
3. rear suspension must be leaf spring unless equipped otherwise from the
factory (2) 36” bars non-adjustable in rear only.( no 3 link, 4 link,
floaters,sliders, coil-overs shocks allowed.) Front suspension may be leaf
springs, coil-spring & raduis arm (max 32” non -adjustable ) or ifs. Others
front suspension styles permitted if oem for that vehicle only (relocation of
mounting points not permitted.)
4. leaf-spring vehicles must have a min. of ( 2) leaf-springs at each corner
of vehicle.
5.any stock transfer-case allowed (no quick-change or open chain-drives.)
6.any stock style front & rear differentials allowed. Axles can be up-graded
( no final drives or unimog axles.)
7. fuel-cell, battery can be relocation but radiator may not be relocation
(front of vehicle.)
8.transmission modifactions and no trans. brake or air-####ers, no
powerglides (stall coverter allowed max. 3500 stall min.10” )
9. 4 wheel brakes,dual master cylinder required
10. max 37” uncut dot tires allowed.
11. min. weight big block 4000lbs. And small block 3800lbs.
12. must have hook-up for cable is requied (no chains)
13. must be 4 wheel-drive
1.oem engine only – maximun 474 (flat top pistons and stock valve train.)
2. open headers allowed.
3. aluminum dual-plane intakes only.
4.oem ignition only no elections with exception of msd 6a ingition box.
5. hydraulic cam only.
6. carburetor- 4150 & 4160 max.
7. must pull 15”of vacuum @ 900 rpms & must have a port on the manifold
to test vacuum.
8. big block in full size truck- small block-in mini & suv truck.
9. no nos, turbo, blowers (superchargers) are allowed (factory intal oem
tubos on desiels allowed.) vehicles must meet all safety requirments.
10. factory style oem 4.8,5.3, 6.0 with alunimum heads with carb. Allowed
but must add 100lbs. Of blasts( painted orange & may be weight.) only
mods allowed is (elbock cast intake(#7118a.) & 4150/4160 carbs.) msd box
from elbock (performer) stock coils (no aftermarket msd,elbrock,etc. No
head or crank or piston swaps allowed.)
….............4 february 2014 by mud wars tech...................................................

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